Thursday, July 19, 2012

Busy Living

Casual car temp just before the evening of the thunderstorm that knocked my power out for 7 whole days

escaping to the lake with Panama Boyfriend
4AM Dance parties


Spontaneous 10:00PM dinner at The Palm with Boy and our dear friend... Martinis, lobster and steak.
Team America

Best friend bday dancing

Girlfriends Reunion
Happy Fourth

Mini vacation by myself at The Washington Plaza

Vacation Lunch, pre-sugar/brain freeze headache

Kaskade in Baltimore

Until I have a real one, my roommate's stuffed animal does just fine.

These are really in no particular order.  The past month has been a whirlwind, per usual.  I lost power at my apartment for 7 days at the end of June.  Boy and I were at a Kaskade concert and came home very late to a pitch black city late Friday night, and drunk and tired, fell right asleep.  Saturday morning boy left (for the next few days) to deal with the power outage (no folks, boy is not an electrician, but his job was related to this incident), so I was stuck at home.  Saturday was sort of a treat.  NONE of my friends were in the city that weekend, so I had an entire day to do whatever I liked.  I woke up early at 6AM and drove to the grocery store where I bought a ton of ice, came home and packed up everything I could save from the fridge and freezer, and walked to Starbucks.  With my cappuccino in hand, I wandered over to CVS to get nail polish and left with 5 magazines and 3 new nail colors.  Standard.  When I got home I started cleaning, but after taking the swiffer out of the closet, I lost twenty pounds in sweat.  It was 100 degrees by 11AM.  No A/C, no tv, no computer, nothing.  Entertaining yourself for hours on end is tricky in this situation.  After attempting to go to the community pool (big mistake, in 100 degree heat the pool was literally 90 degrees, and filled to capacity), I came home and decided to drive my car to a far away movie theatre (charging my phone) and simply walk in to see whatever was playing and bask in the air conditioning.  I watched Magic Mike next to a group of thirteen year old girls, and ate a Medium popcorn for dinner (no butter).  I got home around 9pm and it was not jut hot, but Bear-Gryllis pee in your shirt and wrap around your head hot.  There was also no electricity on the entire street, so after I turned off my car, I had to use my iPhone to light my way to the front door.  Boy came home around 11pm and we laid on separate couches basically in our underwear, eating delivery (which we had to receive by lantern outside btw).  We called literally 32 hotels in DC... all full except the Ritz going for $500 a night.  So we booked it, obviously.  Not.  We survived the evening falling asleep in the living room on our separate couches, and in the morning when boy left at 6AM again, I actually laid on the hardwood floor in my underwear searching for "cool" like a desperate crackhead.  After killing time driving in my car that morning to Bed Bath and Beyond and leaving empty-handed (clearly I'm an all or nothing kind of girl), I posted in Whole Foods with my laptop for 3 hours letting it charge.  Its funny how fast those three hours went, literally waiting for my laptop to juice up and wandering around reading about all the funky exotic fruits and snacks.  I was just considering trying the community pool again, when I thought about checking DC hotels with pools and their availability/rate.  Now, it was almost all of DC and the surrounding areas still without power, in blistering heat, so I imagined this type of safe haven was going to be like buying tickets for Oprah's Favorite Things Live - impossible, and expensive.  I was shocked to find that not only was one spot opened, it was much cheaper than I imagined.  I booked that room quicker than Katie Holmes could sign her divorce papers, and within 20 minutes I was poolside, by myself, with my 5 magazines, drinking a pina colada the size of my head.  Amen to early check-in, praise God for rum, and thank you Lord for a mini vacation with myself.

Some other things happened too... boy and I went to the lake for the Fourth, I decked my entire body in American flags everywhere I could (nails included), my roommate hosted an awesome birthday party and was gifted an enormous stuffed dog that I have adopted, I had a fancy shmancy late night dinner I couldn't afford but was worth every penny, I threw out all the contents of my fridge, I made banana bread, I did 4 loads of laundry in one day, I drove past my new apartment no less than 10 times just to see, I danced around until 4am and went to work at 9am, I regretted dancing til 4am at 9am, and I had a great few weeks of just living.  As selfishly as I ever will, with great friends, great music, great food and great drinks.  And its still 100 degrees.

Happiness Means...
1.  Air conditioning
2.  Two nights of mexican and margaritas in a row
3.  I'm selling my shitty tv for $40 to someone on craigslist named Baby Jae (pray for me)!!
4.  Airheads candy
5.  Hype Machine app... source of all my recent favorite music

Goal:  Literally have not exercised in about 3 weeks, yikes.  Isn't there something about it being so hot that even breathing, you burn more calories than usual?  Therefore, walking to my car is essentially like running 5 miles in regular weather?  Yes?