Friday, June 15, 2012

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. ~Voltaire

The blog world is dominated by mostly two things in my mind:  food and fashion.  I'm sure people would argue otherwise, and perhaps I'm biased because those are the two subjects that I enjoy reading about most.  However, it is no surprise that these would be at the forefront of most blog topics.  Not only do they both photograph beautifully, they are universally recognizable as part of our every-day.  Some might not consider fashion something they are familiar with, but as long as you put your pants on every day (and Lord I hope most of you do), you are making a statement.  And whether or not you realize it, you are contributing to trends, influencing how others see you- good and bad, and giving an image to your generation.  I love fashion.  I love seeing what other people pair together, how it mimics something else- a nod to 50s Dior, 90s grunge, your grandfather's sweater, or Madonna circa 1982.  It is really like art.  Here are some of my favorite images...

From Kate Moss to a stranger's ginger child, each of these is a little bit of art.  And that shot of Olivia Palermo?  Seeing that dress on the rack it would do nothing for me.  Crimson lipstick?  No thank you.  But somehow, it all comes together and looks perfect.  I'd wear that to spaghetti any day. 

Speaking of food, my love of fashion is unmatchable to my love of food.  There is a danger in a love of food.  I'll spare the obvious reasons, but I think our generation is overly saturated by images of food, health articles, Dr. Oz episodes and cooking channels.  Food is meant to nourish our bodies, but how awesome that it is meant to be enjoyable!  Voltaire nailed it.  I think it is easy to get caught up in the hype of being vegan, paleo, vegetarian, gluten free... the list goes on.  I understand some of these lifestyles are for health reasons, and many commit to this lifestyle their entire lives (something I could never do).  But when did we have to become so crazed with modifying everything, substituting this and that and eliminating brown rice or crucifying olive oil in exchange for coconut?  Can't we just enjoy the bread basket?  I'm starting to get a little preachy, and I certainly do not mean to sound hypocritical.  After all, I famously sub many ingredients in dishes I cook to give them more nutritional value.  However, never to the point that it racks my brain.  There was a time when that was all I could think about.  Alternatives to everything.  Lettuce instead of a roll, veggies instead of meat, mustard instead of ketchup...  My idea of a burger was a veggie patty sandwiched between two leaves of lettuce with mustard (zero calories), no cheese, and tomatoes and onions.  That was safe to me.  Did I enjoy it?  Yes, if I were craving a salad.  But if I wanted a burger, that was a stretch.  Pasta was to be avoided at all costs (too many carbs), and bagels were the Antichrist.  Avocados were tricky because I knew they were "healthy" but 240 calories is still 240 calories, and if I go for a run and burn 220 calories, I felt as if that was wasted.  This was the saddest time in my life.  Few social events don't involve food, and so social events became nightmares.  I would plan days in advance to either eat as low calorie as possible so I could eat "normally" with everyone else, or eat just enough so I wouldn't be tempted by dips and cheeses and crackers.  This always failed.  I was always miserable, and I wasted all the time I could have enjoyed, worrying about what sort of consequence the food was going to have on my body.  A full fledged eating disorder.  I hate typing that word.  I'm not even sure how I started this post on fashion and ended up here.  I'm a pretty private person, and I rarely talk about that time in my life because it it still painful.  And truthfully, I'll always live with it.  I'm not sure what the turnaround for me was.  I moved out of my old apartment into a homey neighborhood with one of my best friends, and I was happy and comfortable.  I started cooking, and remembering how much I love food.  I very slowly gained all my weight back, but it was slow enough that although my clothes were getting a bit tighter, I was a happier person.  That's not saying those issues don't entirely go away.  The articles are still there, the pictures of Kate Moss are still there, my extra small jeans are still there.  I am always tempted to tell myself I'm not small enough.  But then again, the anxiety I felt and all the time I wasted on something so silly was such a drain on my life and everyone around me, I can never go back to that time.  I was lucky enough to have family, friends, and my wonderful boy to pull me out of that black hole.  Every now and then I look at old pictures and I really cannot believe it is me.  The really sick thing is that I remember in almost every picture exactly what I was scared to eat or did eat that day.  I might not remember what day it was or what party, but I could tell you what I ate.  Because that was all I thought about.  I've started writing a post like this many times, and every time deleting it.  I didn't want to start a post spilling all of this, so I fooled all of you with the fashion segway, clever gal that I am.  I didn't intend on even reaching this topic when I was skimming pinterest this morning and deciding to post a few favorite pics.  But the juxtaposition between models and food sort of pulled me here.  I know it sounds corny, and we've all heard it by our mothers, those weird little posters on pinterest, and by Oprah, but love yourself.  Be selfish and vain and know that if you are kind, you are the best version of yourself.  Take care of yourself, but not so that your physical is before your mental.  The two should be balanced.  Run if it makes you happy, eat quinoa because you enjoy it, choose lettuce leaves in lieu of a bun, but keep the burger.  Do what feels right to you.  You will never get time back, so give yourself the memories of happy laughter, rich conversation, deep hugs, soulful kisses, wondrous travels, and delicious food.  Enjoy the bread basket.


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  2. ummmm, hello awesome writer. you nailed it. I'm one who always says "I'm not fashionable" ... and even though I will say it again tomorrow ... I know what I like. I know what I enjoy wearing. and I guess that is fashion. or at least my kind of fashion. :)

  3. is there a butter basket too? ;)

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  5. Your blog is adorable! I too have looked at wedding mags since forever!