Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The green glass lamp was a vintage find from my parent's basement, and the pillows and chenille blanket were my great grandmothers

I've had the same look for my bedroom since I graduated school.  In my first apartment, my room was pretty big, but I didn't have a ton of furniture for it, so it was my bed, dresser, bookshelf, and corner chair.  When I moved into my current apartment, my room became half the size I was used to.  Luckily, I didn't have too much to squeeze, and it all fit nicely into my nook.  I like to keep my room mostly white to keep it clean and bright.  My bedding is mostly white with yellow-gold and green accents pillows (and a fur throw from Pottery Barn), the walls are white (including one brick wall), and I painted my dresser white.  My favorite part of my room is the photo wall.  In lieu of a headboard in my old apartment, I shaped frames above my bed into a square headboard shape.  In my current room, I kept the collage but moved it to the side of my bed. 

The painting is of the house I grew up in.  Someone left it in the attic with their signature on the back.  I still don't know who it is!
I absolutely love my teeny tiny bedroom. Do you like yours?

Happiness Means:
1.  Figuring out instagram!  @lauratylermoore
2.  Memorial day in 2 days, with a forecast of 80-85 and mostly sunny alllll weekend.
3.  Mexican dinner for two nights in a row (tummy not so happy).
4.  Going to a baseball game with literally 20 friends. Literally in the 6th to last row.
5.  This cake.  Reminds me of the mudcakes I would always make at my grandma's when I was little.  Even as tiny as I was, I would spend hours decorating them and then leave them alone for days because they were too pretty to destroy.  Grandma always agreed.
Goal:  Get out of a slump.


  1. love the bedroom with the lights. i love our bedroom too. its just so cozy.
    and i love the pictures with the different frames. adds so much character!
    have a great weekend :)
    x jes

  2. such a cosy bedroom with the fairy lights and the photo wall! looks perfect!

  3. I adore this little nook. We have an older house and all of the rooms are teeny tiny. I don't mind it one bit. It's home. Except I would like a bigger closet someday. Wouldn't we all ...

  4. The glass lamp is cool! We found an old leg lamp in our attack one time. It was a lady's leg with a lamp shade. (Not as cute as your lamp!)


  5. oh my gosh, i just did a similar nook project!
    love the lights.

    xo the egg out west.

  6. I love your pictures!!! enjoy reading your blog too! I am def. a follower of yours now. I hope when u get a chance
    come checkout my blog and hopefully something on my blog will catch your attention to become a follower too!