Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Depression

I Break Horses

I saw M83 last Saturday.  The night I was supposed to drive 4 hours home to surprise my mom for mother's day.  My roommate and her friend were going, and they showed up to the bar where boy and I were having dinner with one extra ticket.  Naturally, I told my boyfriend to have a great dinner by himself while I threw cash on the table and beelined it home to change into cowboy boots and a free people top.  Just kidding, I told him to take it and I would smack him if he even considered going without me craigslist for another one.  The concert started in an hour, so I quickly emailed literally 20 people asking if the tix were still available.  Out of all those emails, I got one:
"Sure, I can meet you at the concert at 10:50.  Tix are $30 each.  I'm 5'8, dirty blonde hair and wearing a shirt that says 'No Depression'."  I would have just asked for her number, but hey, "no depression" was there waiting, I bought two tickets for $60 and sold one for $40.  Booyah.


They opened with "I Break Horses" which was amazing.  So amazing in fact, that we all thought it was M83 until they said "Thanks for having us!".  We're obviously numba one fanz.  But seriously, this was the best show I've ever seen.  The light show and their vocals were even better than the track.  If they come to your city, GO.

Boy and his asian round face gf
We got home at 4AM.  I left for New Jersey at 7AM.  These are the kind of moments that are only possible when you're young and stupid.  But I made it for Mother's Day, and my mom didn't even mind the stamp on my hand.

Happiness Means...
1.  Making this for dinner tonight.
2.  Dinner dates with my roommate where we share our fries and onion rings, drink 2 bottles of wine, and come home for leftover cupcakes and then make cookies.
3.  This
4.  True Story
5.  Our first family vacation 11 years ago.  Its really a shame you can't see my GAP size 12  light denim flares and Old Navy "Welcome to Hawaii" tshirt.  I remember all my outfits.

Goal:  Try out Trader Joe's!  I'm in a serious relationship with Whole Foods, but its starting to feel abusive.  I'll let you know my feelings on my adventure next time!  Ta-ta!

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  1. Blondes and brunettes divided like boys and girls at a 7th grade dance party.