Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo

This time last year, boy and I took a much-needed vacation to Florida.  Although it wasn't exactly how we hoped it would be, it was still one of my favorite trips we've taken together.  This year wasn't in Florida, but instead to one of my favorite places in the world- Deep Creek Lake, MD.  I am spoiled rotten having grown up on the beach, and enjoying weekend getaways with boy to his family's lake house.  We celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the local bar, and enjoyed a nice dinner date on the lake at sunset.  Sometimes life is just so good.

Happiness Means...
1.  Kashi Mediterranean pizza
2.  Crab cakes and crab imperial
3.  Margaritas
4.  The orange slice in a blue moon
5.  Betting on the winning horse!  Just kidding.  BUT minutes before the derby started, boy and I were with all our friends at the bar and I told everyone "I'll Have Another" was my pick.  Obviously, because he has the best name.  Well what do you know.  I should have put my money where my mouth is! 

Goal:  Gym gym gym.  I mean come on, my happiness 1-4?

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