Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In like a... Lion?

It's halfway through March and no lion.  The weather has been absurdly lovely and warm, and not so much as a scratch from the king of the jungle.  There is truly something mood-altering about sunshine and warmer weather (those retirees in Florida are onto something), and of course now I want to go on vacation.  Again.  I feel its only fair after a vacation in snowy Colorado, right?  After figuring out that jetting off to the the Caribbean after work yesterday would shockingly exceed the zero current funds in my account, I settled for opening my screen door at home and sipping a gin and tonic.
This is much fancier than the gin and tonic I knew and loved so well in my college days (Burnett's and Schweppes), even without the rosemary and cucumber (gimme a break, this is from a food blog and I still have a Blackberry with a cracked screen).  Simply by pouring it into a glass with a lime wedge, it was already far tastier than my memory of solo cups and gin buckets.  Boy was going to be home late, and we decided that based on our empty pantries and bank accounts, spaghetti would be dinner (see what I told you here).  I completely agreed.  And spent $40 at the liquor store instead.  Some days, you just need a taste of summer.  Sorry for choosing booze over food.

Happiness Means...
1.  Finding chicken at Whole Foods is on sale!  Thus an impromptu dinner of grilled chicken and asparagus, and a tomato cucumber feta salad.
2.  Putting tonic in the freezer and actually remembering to take it out before it explodes.
3.  The Caps game on mute, and music on the ipod, chatting about our day.
4.  Going to bed smelling a little bit like charcoal.  Why has no one invented a cologne for this?
5.  Gettysburg Alumni happy hour tonight!  Can't wait for a fratastic reunion at a DC dive bar, where I'll for sure revisit that old familiar gin and tonic.


Goal:  Be outside.  Be outside.  Be outside.  Oh, and start the last Hunger Games book.  Yup, still hooked.

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