Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dinner on a Whim


Last night I finished work at a little after 8:00, which meant dinner would be around 9.  Not a big deal, and I'm certainly used to eating this late, but it also means I do not feel like a Martha Stewart recipe is in order, nor do I want to eat a $10 delivery pizza which will make me feel like Jabba the Pizza Hut when I wake up.  Also, by $10 I mean $30, because this is DC and delivery fee, tax, and your appetite do not allow for anything less than.  Since I already crushed a bag of Tostitos and salsa and iced animal crackers for dinner the night before, snacks were out, and my fridge was looking pretty empty.  What ever would I do?  Make something up, duh.  And thus, brussel prosciutto pasta was born.

It all started with a box of spaghetti.  I normally use whole wheat, but the plain jane scary white kind was all that was available.  Fine, it will do.  Then I realized I had no jarred sauce.  Womp womp.  THEN I remembered I am a genius and made my own sauce and froze it about a month ago.  I amaze myself when I think of future Laura and prep for her rescue.  Pasta and tomato sauce.  Done and done.  Well since I'm not a big fan of any dish where pasta is the shining star (sorry, boy), I decided I'd make use of whatever was left in the fridge to create a healthy side dish.  Basically all I had were brussel sprouts, blueberries, strawberries, prosciutto and onions.  Guess which ones I decided to cook together?!  If you guessed anything with the blueberries or strawberries, let me know how that works out for your tastebuds.  Anyway, on to the recipe!

Brussels and Prosciutto
About 10 brussel sprouts, or however many you wish
1/4 cup red onion, diced
2 big, thin slices of prosciutto
Olive oil (eyeball it)

Normally, I like to boil brussel sprouts before broiling them in the oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  I didn't have the patience this time, and I wanted them cooked a bit, so I sliced them up.  Each brussel sprouts was sliced long-ways into about 5 round slices.  Once they were all sliced, I simply sauteed them in olive oil on medium-high heat with the diced onion until the onion was translucent and the brussel sprouts weren't white in the middle, but a deep yellow or golden brown.  Most of them became unravelled and took on more of a "slaw" consistency.  Lastly, I added diced pieces of prosciutto and let it cook just a bit, turning everything over.  I didn't want the meat to be hard, but I wanted the little bits of fat to saute around in there, so maybe cooked for 2 minutes.  I added a shit ton of pepper, and no salt until after they were cooked, because prosciutto is so salty. Voila!  I intended on serving this as a side dish, but instead, followed boy's suit and dumped it in with the pasta and sauce, and voila!  A new pasta dish is born!  I loved this because I had wayyy more brussel slaw than noodles, and the tiny bits of prosciutto gave it a salty and meaty flavor, with hardly any meat.  A keeper for suuuure.  I think I could give those guys on CHOPPED a run for their money...

Happiness Means...
1.  So it was just my best friend's birthday in DC, and this weekend is my OTHER best friend's birthday in DC!  Can't wait!  We have a great surprise for her on Monday, and we've scared her shitless by telling her to bring her health insurance card.  She has no idea and its going to bed fab.
2.  Georgetown cupcakes are 20% off!  Or they were?  I'm not sure if the promo code still works, but "HAPPYSPRING" gives you 20% off a dozen, so I was able to put these in as a surprise delivery for her birthday too!
3.  I actually, by the grace of God and powers of possible unknown planets, made it to the gym before work.  I've been trying to, but eating dinner late means going to bed late which means waking up late.  Its a vicious cycle, but when my alarm goes off, I could care less if I look like Monique on the beach.  Maybe I should blow up a poster of Alessandra Ambrosia and hang it on my ceiling so I dream about looking like that and waking up motivated?  Then again, that's really creepy, and everyone knows she isn't real.  I'll take my zzz's Alessandra, you alien bitch.
4.  I got a liiiiitle drunk the other night at an event, and as I was walking the 6 blocks at 7:30PM to watch boy play a squash game at the University Club, I was drawn to Ann Taylor Loft.  Actually, it was closed, but I was freezing and convinced myself I deserved something new.  I wandered into Gap and got a trench coat and two sweaters on sale, and wore the coat right to the U Club.  I'm obsessed with the color and the pleating, isn't it dreamy??
I also nabbed these lovely ladies... and made them give me their sweaters on sale.

5.  This picture was taken just after my meltdown on the mountain with boy, enjoying an incredible bloody mary.

Then five minutes later I could go to the top.

My two favorite things:  boy and bloody mary.

Goal:  Think Alessandra Ambrosia.  Not Monique.
Holy fupa not good.

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