Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Week Ever

France makes me feel so alive! Screw you America!

I hope I'm not late for cocktails, I just flew in from Africa darling.

Does my lipstick match my scooter?

Guess who is having the best week ever?  Me, idiot.  Duh, not like I write about anyone else on here.  Your guesses had to be limited.  And those chicks are the Shabby Apple models from the clothing line everyone in bloggerworld is going ape shit over.  The clothes are gorgeous.  The pictures helped my friend and I kill an hour of time on Gchat coming up with obnoxious captions.  Seriously, all these photos look like they got a bunch of models hopped up on sunshine and kittens and then threw them in vintage dresses.  Moving along!  This week has been great.  It sort of started with a perfect Sunday drinking Irish coffees at this place.  Do not let the sleek website fool you.  Inside is a delicious three story, dark, wood-panneled, exposed brick, fireplace on every floor, sofas on the top floor around the fireplace, not a shamrock or speck of bright green in sight, Irish bar.  Phew.  Catch my drift?  It was cold outside, and boy and three of our friends cozied up with Guiness and Irish coffees (ok those were for me, since I was the only girl). 
Flannel Sunday

Afterwards we went to a friends for an impromptu "family" dinner.  Again, being the only girl, I offered to cook, so the host purchased the necessary supplies and we had a simple meal of fajitas and merlot.  Nothing like a little Mexican-French pairing!  Obviously real world work started the next morning, which was your average day.  Boy came over for dinner and beer and tv.  My roommate and I forced him to watch SVU with us, while we tried to convince him that Ice T is in fact the best character ("Man, thas messed up!").  He was also alarmed that we so easily predicted it would be a rape case where Olivia would feel emotionally bonded to the victim, and Elliot would f some guy's day up because a child was involved and he felt guilty for not being a better father.  Slam dunk.
Just kidding about that F*ck da police shit
Tuesday was Valentine's Day for those of you living under a rock.  Boy did an amazing job of taking me to dinner at a lovely small Italian place, and drinks around the corner afterwards.  I also got beautiful flowers and a card with the sweetest simplest message on the inside.
I think Valentine's Day set the mood for the rest of the week.  No, I wasn't walking around with stars shooting out of my eyes and I didn't get flowes every day or eat chocolate the rest of the week.  Ok that is a lie.  But I have felt overwhelmingly happy.  I've laughed harder this week and smiled more than I have in a long time.  I hope your weekend is as nice as my week has been.  Happy Friday! 

Happiness Means...
1.  Laughing so hard it hurts.  Double points for making someones else laugh so hard they can't breathe.
2.  Best friend's birthday this weekend (hello Kate!  my only real life friend who reads my occasional rambles)!!!  Can't wait to celebrate and eat cupcakes and drink only champagne.  I love you!!
3.  Hearing a million Whitney Houston songs at the bar.
4.  I made fried calamari and sauteed calamari for dinner Monday night which was just eh.  I knew it would be, because like an idiot I splurged on the calamari at Whole Foods and came home only to realize I had only egg whites, almost no vegetable oil, and only panko bread crumbs to work with.  The sauteed version was delish, but the fried was a reason to try again.
5.  ASPEN ON WEDNESDAY.  Lift tickets purchased, ski rentals reserved.  Get me there.

Goal:  Throw out the extra chocolate for the love of my ass.


  1. i LOVE svu! and totally have a crush on Stabler.

    ps. your goal made me laugh out loud ;)

  2. I want to see more of France. More pictures, please. Xo Jenna