Monday, January 9, 2012

The World Needs More Love Letters

No, this is not me calling out men all over the world.  I discovered this website about a month ago, and I was so touched and moved by the stories behind it that I decided to sign up.  Mostly, it just asks people to write cards anonymously and leave them in random places like grovery stores, shops, on a car window...  Other time, the site asks its followers to write a note or card for someone particularly in need.  The stories of these people are often times heartbreaking, but also sometimes relatable (we all know what its like just to bed simply sad).  However, the most recent post is about a young boy with leukemia, found here.  He could really use some encouragement, so if you all have five minutes of your day, please send some kind words over his way.  If you'd like to participate, simply add to the end of the note so hopefully the trend can spread :)  If you have any questions or want to learn more, I'd be happy to email you.  I hope you all have a great Monday!

Happiness Means...
1.  My best friend in the WORLD is visiting today!!! She is also my second cousin, roommate through college and my faince (according to facebook- we thought that was so clever when we were... 18?)
2.  It's restaurant week in DC, so I am dining at The Occidental this evening with my fiance (hehe) and two other best friends.  We all went ot college together, and even though two of them live in DC, my very best friend hasn't visited in over a year, so it will be so great to be together and be super weird.
3.  Personal days
4.  Went for a walk with boy yesterday through the woods, just because it was a nice day.  I'm so lucky that he likes to simply be with me, with no expectations other than being.
5.  THIS SAUCE.  My mom got me a couple bottles of this stuff for Christmas, and it is seriously addicting.  Imagine a mild hot sauce you can pour over everything as a marinade or salad dressing, with a ton of fresh herbs.  I have the Cilantro and regular and I can't stop eating it with everything.  I marinated salmon filets with 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt and 1/4 cup of this hot sauce, sauteed it on a hot pan, and mixed in grilled corn, grilled peppers, cucumbers, tomato and a sprinkling of feta cheese.  Holy moly.  I also found out oddly enough, that it is the product of a guy that I graduated high school with.  He came up with the recipe and marketing design, so I'm sure he would appreciate some new business!

Goal:  Pray for that little boy and his family

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