Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shit DC Says

As if there aren't enough of these already...

But like where are you originally from? 

and another goodie...
I wish it would rain so I could wear my hunter boots!

Happiness Means...
1.  Impromptu drive to Baltimore Saturday night to have dinner with boy and his parents
2.  Staying all day Sunday with boy's parents by the cozy fire (while boy was at the Ravens game), reading and snacking, and watching football (with bloody marys!).  It is so nice to have his family nearby, and even nicer that I am so welcome whenever I want.
3.  Date nights "in", watching tv, red wine and a simple dinner of pasta and sauce outta the jar
4.  Date night with a girlfriend at a hidden gem italian pizzeria.  We also agreed to get the cheapest bottle of red wine (come on, you've heard that some cheap bottles are just as good as the muchos dineros bottles??  also, i clearly don't know the word for bottles in spanish), but after we were offered samples from our waiter, we ended up with the most expensive (whoopsies).
5.  Date night tomorrow at the movies!  We're planning on seeing the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but I still have 20 pages to finish.  This is the longest it has ever taken me to read a book.  Like seriously one full year.  I read 40 pages, put it down for a month, then pick it right back up.  I'm also a freak about reading mysteries and novels.  I make a bookmark out of paper and write down character names and notes so I can remember who they are, but it always comes in handy when you decide to revisit a book after leaving it in the dust (or the trunk of your car) for a few weeks.

Goal:  Start going to bed early

On a sidenote, how annoying are all these date nights?  Tough life I tell ya.


  1. Those videos never really get old. So funny.

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  2. HA! sooo sooo DC. you had me loving your blog just from your about section. (: