Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dress Me, Drape Me, Anyway you Please Me

Sorry to do this to you, but this will be two posts in a row where I'm showcasing a newly discovered clothing line.  Check Esther out.  And don't do what I did and go to esther.com because all I saw was a black screen, an asian woman with a load of makeup and the word "Menu".  Lets not all jump to conclusions, but I dont think its advertising delivery for General Tso.  See how pretty?




Happiness Means...
1.  I survived the ski trip!  Despite the bear attack, avalanche and and severed lift chair.  Just kidding.  Obviously, it was too warm for an avalanche this weekend.  Also, those scenarios were all circling my brain prior to Saturday afternoon when I discovered skiing is actually fun and less dangerous than my final destination 5 brain was interpreting it to be.  Boy stayed with me the entire day on the beginner slopes and intermediates, and I even knocked him out of the chair lift accidentally (which i think is a real testament to true love that he did not return the favor or hold it against me as you sure as hell bet I would have).  Actually, I don't think I've even seen him more proud of me.  And I was so grateful that he stuck with me on every run, even though he snowboards on black diamonds (aka suicide).  I was ready to call it a day after three runs on the beginner trails, but he pushed me to keep going, and I learned I could handle the intermediate ones too.  Thats whats good about us- I prevent him from suicide missions and he pushes me to do things most 5 year olds have mastered.  In a word, Saturday was- perfect. 
2.  Chicken Parm.  Home made.  Another post on a home made meal!  My pet peeve with a lot of blogger recipes is that they're all to feed families, or a couple will make london broil to feed a family of 6.  I'm actually a huge fan of leftovers, but only the kind you can freeze and use later.  Who wants to eat 8 leftover enchiladas in the next 4 days?  I sort of made up my own recipe for two people. I have a kind of obsession over revamping classic recipes with healthier and cleaner ingredients. I dare you to give me a recipe I can't make over and make just as delicious. Seriously ask me.  Here's my "Healthy" variation:
Healthy Chicken Parmesan for 2
2 Chicken breasts (I used these)
1/4 cup egg whites (I used this)
1/4 cup of whole wheat flour
1 tsp oregano
pinch of salt and pepper
However much pasta sauce you like
However much low fat mozzarella cheese you like
However much fresh parmesan cheese you like

1.  Preheat oven to 450.  Place three bowls of equal size in front of you each with the flour, egg white, and panko crumbs.  Add oregano, salt and pepper to flour mixture.
2.  Trim fat off chicken breasts, and pound lightly to flatten.  Pat chicken breasts with paper towels to remove moisture.
3.  Dip Each chicken breast in the whole wheat flour mixture, then the egg white, then the panko crumbs.
4.  Pour some sauce in the bottom of a square glass baking dish, and lay chicken breasts on top.  pour more sauce (if you wish) over the chicken and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top.  Bake for 15 minutes*
5.  Shave fresh parmesan on top, and serve with a side salad.
*Baking time may vary- I loosely followed a recipe that said 5 minutes which was NO way close, so I had to cut the center a few times before deciding it was done.  I also didn't originally pour sauce on top, but to the horror of my boyfriend.  We also added an insane amount of cheese.
3.  I got boy his bday present and I'm really excited!  Hopefully it works out...
4.  An awesome workout yesterday of running, elliptical and weights. 
5.  A Sunday afternoon hike to Swallow Falls with just boy.  This was our second time going and its truly breathtaking...

 These were taken November 2010, but it was just as pretty and bright this time- just more ice

Goal:  Watch boy's squash game and meet for drinks.  Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stone Cold Fox

Have you guys seen this collection?  I want to wear everything.  I sometimes think I was a hippie in my past life.  Although, that would mean I died tragically at a young age, so then again maybe not.

 here I am at Coachella 2012

 Just playin in the desert!

On my way to brunch! 

Can't forget lipstick before grocery shopping 

Oh hello there, you're just in time to watch me pose on this bench with geraniums in my hair.
(I really need this dress.  Feel free to ask me for my address to send it.  I'll send a really sweet thank you note and then invite you over to watch me pose in it)

Going to the premiere of an indie film you've never heard of
(feel free to buy me this one too, although price is upon request so donations are being accepted if you're stingy)

Happiness Means... These five ingredients for a night in with best friends:
1.  Cooking dinner for my best friends...  Homemade everything.  Here I go tooting my own horn:  Caesar salad with fresh baked croutons, shaved parmesan and homemade dressing.  Margarita pasta... olive oil spaghetti, basil, roasted cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls, salt, pepper, and grated parmesan.  Baked apples and frozen yogurt... seriously the easiest most delicious treat.  Cut two granny smith apples in half, core the seeds out, drizzle with honey and fill with rolled ats and brown sugar, sprinkle again with brown sugar, bake in 425 for 20-30 min, serve with Haagen Daaz dulce de leche frozen yogurt (you will not miss ice cream with this flavor) and crushed walnuts.  I'm not even kidding you its amazing.  No seriously, go make it.  I dare you.
2.  Champagne during the State of the Union (not the State of the Union so much).
3.  My part time job at a bridal salon.  It is so amazing to help girls find the dress of their dreams :)
4.  Washed Out - "Within and Without" Super sexy album.
5.  Finally a weekend off with boy and his family to go skiing.  I am truly uneducated in this department, so all I can hope is I don't break anything.  Knock on wood for me, thanks!
Goal... Spend more time away from technology

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shit DC Says

As if there aren't enough of these already...

But like where are you originally from? 

and another goodie...
I wish it would rain so I could wear my hunter boots!

Happiness Means...
1.  Impromptu drive to Baltimore Saturday night to have dinner with boy and his parents
2.  Staying all day Sunday with boy's parents by the cozy fire (while boy was at the Ravens game), reading and snacking, and watching football (with bloody marys!).  It is so nice to have his family nearby, and even nicer that I am so welcome whenever I want.
3.  Date nights "in", watching tv, red wine and a simple dinner of pasta and sauce outta the jar
4.  Date night with a girlfriend at a hidden gem italian pizzeria.  We also agreed to get the cheapest bottle of red wine (come on, you've heard that some cheap bottles are just as good as the muchos dineros bottles??  also, i clearly don't know the word for bottles in spanish), but after we were offered samples from our waiter, we ended up with the most expensive (whoopsies).
5.  Date night tomorrow at the movies!  We're planning on seeing the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but I still have 20 pages to finish.  This is the longest it has ever taken me to read a book.  Like seriously one full year.  I read 40 pages, put it down for a month, then pick it right back up.  I'm also a freak about reading mysteries and novels.  I make a bookmark out of paper and write down character names and notes so I can remember who they are, but it always comes in handy when you decide to revisit a book after leaving it in the dust (or the trunk of your car) for a few weeks.

Goal:  Start going to bed early

On a sidenote, how annoying are all these date nights?  Tough life I tell ya.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You are a cinema.

Best wedding video ever.  And the music...

Cinema Cover by the groom
Cinema Skrillex Remix
Dead Hearts

That's all.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The World Needs More Love Letters

No, this is not me calling out men all over the world.  I discovered this website about a month ago, and I was so touched and moved by the stories behind it that I decided to sign up.  Mostly, it just asks people to write cards anonymously and leave them in random places like grovery stores, shops, on a car window...  Other time, the site asks its followers to write a note or card for someone particularly in need.  The stories of these people are often times heartbreaking, but also sometimes relatable (we all know what its like just to bed simply sad).  However, the most recent post is about a young boy with leukemia, found here.  He could really use some encouragement, so if you all have five minutes of your day, please send some kind words over his way.  If you'd like to participate, simply add www.moreloveletters.com to the end of the note so hopefully the trend can spread :)  If you have any questions or want to learn more, I'd be happy to email you.  I hope you all have a great Monday!

Happiness Means...
1.  My best friend in the WORLD is visiting today!!! She is also my second cousin, roommate through college and my faince (according to facebook- we thought that was so clever when we were... 18?)
2.  It's restaurant week in DC, so I am dining at The Occidental this evening with my fiance (hehe) and two other best friends.  We all went ot college together, and even though two of them live in DC, my very best friend hasn't visited in over a year, so it will be so great to be together and be super weird.
3.  Personal days
4.  Went for a walk with boy yesterday through the woods, just because it was a nice day.  I'm so lucky that he likes to simply be with me, with no expectations other than being.
5.  THIS SAUCE.  My mom got me a couple bottles of this stuff for Christmas, and it is seriously addicting.  Imagine a mild hot sauce you can pour over everything as a marinade or salad dressing, with a ton of fresh herbs.  I have the Cilantro and regular and I can't stop eating it with everything.  I marinated salmon filets with 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt and 1/4 cup of this hot sauce, sauteed it on a hot pan, and mixed in grilled corn, grilled peppers, cucumbers, tomato and a sprinkling of feta cheese.  Holy moly.  I also found out oddly enough, that it is the product of a guy that I graduated high school with.  He came up with the recipe and marketing design, so I'm sure he would appreciate some new business!

Goal:  Pray for that little boy and his family

Thursday, January 5, 2012

one can never be too safe...

This is just a guess, but I'm gonna go with not from around here.