Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuff The Ice Chest

Go here as soon as you can And check the rest out here. You're welcome. No matter how many times I've watched these, it kills me.

Happiness Means...
1. Tuesday night I went to the Caps game with boy, row 15 (sounds far but we were actually pretty close and right in the middle of the rink). I'm not a huge fan of hockey but I absolutely love going to the games.
2. Being home with family for Thanksgiving.

3. Being home for Thanksgiving and looking through old pictures of my parents. Mom was a serious smokeshow (still is) and dad always the stud. I think their wedding picture started my obsession with men's dinner jackets...

4. Cooking. On Thanksgiving, I cooked gluten free stuffing (my aunt is gluten free), two pumpkin pies, one healthified pumpkin pie (surprisingly better in my opinon), sweet potato casserole, brussel sprouts, and nutella krispie treats. PHEW. No, I am not Miss Susie Homemaker, but I get some freak satisfaction out of reading recipes and making my own up as I cook, trying to switch things around and making it as healthy as possible. I love to cook because I love to eat, and when you love to eat, its good to get the maximum nutritional value of what you're consuming, especially when it has a high caloric count (lots of big words in that sentence...ok maybe not, but it sounded smart). Those krispie treats were seriously nutritional, let me tell ya.
5. Cooking again. Sorry if its a cop out to use cooking twice here, but I am truly a freak for home-made meals. Sunday night, my cousin from Florida came to visit for dinner. He's been working in Virginia the past couple weeks and we've been trying to get together but there just wasn't a good time. Last minute on Sunday morning, I realized that before he left on Wednesday, this would be the only night to get together. I originally planned that we would go out for dinner, but last minute decided an intimate meal at home would be cozy and better suited for catching up (I haven't seen him in five years!). Not to mention, its easier on the bank account, and far more delicious. Here is what was on the menu:
Man Salad (courtesy of boy- ahem Man): Romaine lettuce, giant slices of tomato, sliced cucumber, salt and pepper, drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette
Chicken Parm: So easy. Take 6 chicken breast halves, dip in egg whites, dip in whole wheat bread crumbs, lay in a greased pan or baking dish, pour half a jar of sauce over (or as much as you'd like- I only put blotches here and there, I didn't want my chicken swimming in it and I prefer a little crust) bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, check the chicken if its done (if not, bake longer duh), add shredded low fat mozz cheese on top, place in oven til cheese melts, pour remaining sauce over and serve.
Spaghetti: Directions? Idiot.
French Bread: Mix 2 cups flour, 2 tbsp. cornstarch, and 1 tsp. salt. Then ignore everything I just said because store bought loaves are $1.50 so why waste your time.

Be sure to enjoy this meal with 2 bottles of red wine, 2 bottles of white, and 3 beers.

Hey, my roommmate and a friend came too, so there were 5 of us. Ok, so judge anyway.

Goal: Get some more sleep! Seriously, I started reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo LAST YEAR and I still haven't finished. I obviously stopped reading it some time ago (unless you think I'm dyslexic and blind which would be the only other explanation). However, I just picked it up again and CAN'T put it down. Its only because Daniel Craig is starring in the upcoming film, and I really hate watching a movie before reading the book. Sorry, no love for Twilight- the movie was dumb and the book? I just can't take it seriously.

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