Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Gift of Giving... the Right Gift

Everyone has a family member that gives lovely gifts. My sister may not give the grandest gifts, nor does she usually give me something I have asked for. However, she always manages to find me things that suit my taste and personality better than anyone else I know. She picked out my prom dress when I wouldn't give it a shot (and to this day I think might be the prettiest I ever felt); she gave me vintage water glasses for my birthday when I moved into my new apartment (who knew I would need something to drink out of?! And pretty too!); she gave me a little makeup kit of "the essentials" even though I've never strayed from Maybelline (thank you thank you fancy mascara and an eyeshadow palette of browns and golds that I wear every single day). The gift of giving can be experience by all at Christmas-time, but having a gift for giving is something not all of us are lucky to have (or experience). Here is my attempt to channel my sister, and present some wonderful gifts for the holidays:
For a close famly friend or anyone with kids.
for the newlyweds
For the in-laws
For anyone with a soul.
OPI Muppet Collection for your best friend (I'm a proud new owner of both Rainbow Connection and Gettin' Miss Piggy With It )

And a few other unique gifts...
Perfume that actually smells like snow
The ultimate burger blend CAUTION: raw meat
Forget fruit of the month,this has every "Of the Month" club you could ever imagine... bacon, cupcakes, beer, hot sauce... amazing.

Happiness Means...
1. $100 gift card to Target :)
2. Making up a Vietnamese appetizer recipe and finding out it is indeed delicious! Mix light mayo with chopped cilantro, spread on baguette slices, layer with organic deli sliced roast beef, top with pickled vegetable peels (peel one whole cucumber, one whole daikon radish and one whole carrot, mix with equal parts white vinegar and white sugar and marinade for two hours). I called it Banh Mi Minis :)
3. The new Best Dressed edition of VOGUE
4. The Christmas Tiffany ads!!!
5. Boy, who is sometimes the only one who can deal with a nutcase like me.

Goal: Christmas decorating!


  1. sisters know best! And love your #5! I feel extra special when I know I've been a looney and my husband still loves me :)

  2. I love the pillow and the nail polish. Never can have too many of either, right? xoxo