Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fa la la la la

The Kennedy Center ceiling
Last weekend, boy and I went to Baltimore for his office party. He works in the main office building in DC, but his dad always hosts the company party at his home in Baltimore. It was a great weekend away from the city, and I got to wear a new dress, drink too much champagne, and enjoy an entire Saturday with just the boy. Saturday afternoon we set out to Princeton Ski Store so I could model 50 ski jackets and ski pants and pick out some Christmas present ideas for our vacation to Aspen in February. This was funny because I've been skiing once in my life so I literally know nothing about appropriate ski gear. However, I did end up with a beautiful white winter coat with a fur trim hood (c/o boy). After that, we drove around his old neighborhood in Roland Park. Holy beautiful. Seriously, every house is a gorgeous mansion or cottage nestled in the woods with sophisticated Christmas lights and candles in the window. I love hearing him talk about where he grew up and his memories of living there. We grabbed some hot coffee (chai latte for me!) and drove down to Hamden for the "Miracle on 34th Street". It's essentially the tackiest part of Baltimore, and they do not forget this when decorating their homes. 34th street in particular looks like Christmas exploded. If you don't believe me, take a look:

Look at this video someone made if you still don't get the gist. There you have it folks.

Happiness Means...
1. The Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center with my two best friends, dinner on the roof terrace, and a Tiffany Christmas ornament to celebrate :)

2. My tabletop Christmas tree

3. A laid back, long dinner date of margaritas, oysters, and seafood at Tackle Box

4. My new New Years Dress. Annnnnd it was under $50

5. Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha

Goal:  Get Christmas Presents/sell my body to pay for Christmas presents..........

I kid.


  1. Wow. Those lights are incredible!

    Great blog, girl!

  2. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥