Monday, October 10, 2011

This Must Be the Place

My sister came to visit this weekend, so we spent as much time outside as we could (hello 80 degrees in DC!), walking around the neighborhood, visiting the Eastern Market and just chilling out. We went out for margaritas and Mexican for dinner Saturday night with boy and all our friends, then back to boy's house to pregame before going to the local bars. It was so nice just to have a weekend in DC. I spent most of the weekends this summer going away either to boy's lake house or my home at the beach (I know, tough life, right?), but since Fall has begun, I've started getting used to this whole weekend at home thing. I stayed in Friday night... because like an idiot, I pulled another "Thursday is the new Friday!" night- except it's not. Because Friday morning you have to look like a human being at the office. Excellent. So Saturday morning I went for a long run, shopped aroung Georgetown and got my sister a few goodies for her birthday...
white bowls, these beautiful notecards, fancy french plates, and a beautiful new cookbook that I can't remember, but it was written by two girls in college and the pictures are mouth-watering! My sister knows I enjoy cooking, so for my birthday (we were both a bit late) she got me this beautiful set of measuring cups from Anthropologie:

Sunday we shuffled through Eastern Market with my roommate and wandered into the a teeny tiny book store I can only describe as a HILARIOUS fire hazard. It is so cramped, you can hardly walk through. The greatest part isn't the smell of the thousands of used books, but its the thousands of notecards jutting out from them, some posted on the wall, some hanging from shelves. The owner is an old man with a very dry, conservatice sense of humor. In the Harry Potter book he has a notecard sticking out that says, "Ron dies." HA! There is a "Mother of the Year" book he labelled "written by Britney Spears" and my favorite is the large sign in the window which reads: "JD SALINGER APPEARANCE TONIGHT AT 6PM! FIRST PUBLIC APPEARANCE IN 60 YEARS!" and underneath it a big CANCELLED sign. On our way out, we overheard him talking to a girl my age. It went something like this:

Girl: I just love this bookstore! I've heard about it but never been.
Man: Well why the hell not.
Girl: I live in Columbia Heights so its a little far...
Man: Thats a sad excuse.

I love Eastern Market.

Happiness Means...
1. Boy. Because he says sorry even when he doesn't have to. Ooh and he's also very good looking with a sense of humor.
2. Laughing so hard it hurts. I was retelling an idiotic story about someone on my floor in college whose boyfriend would come visit, and she mentioned he had skin-grafting from his "lower gentleman parts area" on his wrists. She also mentioned that because of this surgery he grew pubic hair on his wrists. Sorry if that's disgusting, but after 3 margaritas it was utterly hilarious. My roomie and I continued to laugh hysterically imagining this skin-grafting yielding balls on his wrists. We are 13 year old boys. I'm not sorry.
3. Brown rice sushi from Whole Foods.
4. Sunny October days.
5. PINTEREST! Holy addiction. Here I am!

Goal: The blackberry is toast. I know I'll eventually get an iphone or something but I'm sad to give up my BBM :( I'll research my options tonight! Happy Columbus Day!

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