Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Hunt

I went to NYC this weekend to go to Far Hills Race with boy and a bunch of our friends. We loaded on a party bus at 8:30AM Saturday, stocked with champagne and wine and blasted Rihanna's new song probably 50 times before we arrived to tailgate an hour later. I had the BEST time. Clearly...

Don't you dare touch my wine.

Happiness Means...
1. 45 best friends crammed on a bus screaming, dancing, singing, being idiots.
2. Taking Friday off to go shopping solo in NYC (boy was working, what else is there to do) and stock up on some fall essentials.
3. Having dinner at 11:00 with boy and two of our closest friends from school here. And ordering the most ridiulously delicious dinner ever. Zuppa di Pesce with a puff pastry top
4. Taking the train. Not the easiest way to travel, but there is something romantic about it, especially when you can sit next to each other and share earphones watching Always Sunny episodes and cracking up even though you've seen them all 100 times.
5. Going to bed at 8:00PM.

Goal: Go Ravens!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This just makes me so happy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


27 of them. That is how large the pumpkin is that is sitting on my kitchen table. I'm pretty confident that Charlie Brown can quit looking for the Great Pumpkin and just come over instead. I went to a pumpkin patch this weekend 45 minutes out of town with three girlfriends. It was one of those days you feel so happy there aren't too many words to describe it. The sun was shining and it was a crisp 65 degrees. We drove with the sun-roof open and the radio on, giggling and anticipating the adventure I had been trying to organize for about a month. Nothing special, but a quick jaunt to pick pumpkins. We arrived mid-afternoon and went right for the apple cider stand, each getting a hot styrofoam cup and a paper bag of buttery popcorn. We walked through a corn maze (which was clearly built for 5 year olds considering we could see over the stalks) and made it out ALIVE thank God. Then we marched over to pick our pumpkins, and while the search for the perfect pumpkin began, I looked out for the biggest. Well, I found him. A smooth $17 for 27 lbs. of him. The fact that I have a hard time throwing quarters into a meter or buying a cocktail over $10 made this especially hilarious. Maybe that is why I have no money in my savings? Oh well, you're only 24 and stupid once.
We seriously blended in with all the 5 year olds real well...

Happiness Means...
1. Discovering a raspberry patch after pumpkin picking and spending twenty minutes picking eating the fresh little berries right off the vine.
2. First Caps game of the season with great people
3. Fall shopping. No, I can't afford to (I'm much to busy shelling out roughly $20 on a pumpkin), but I need to. I'm going to The Hunt this weekend, and although I'm sure I could figure out something from my closet, I don't have any pants and I need new boots. I'm thinking...
I kind of like the last look most. I have an obsession with my Rayban aviators. I own 5 pairs of really nice sunglasses and one pair are actually the most expensive thing I have ever bought myself, butI never wear them. Sorry baby Pradas, but my aviators make everything look so good.
4. New York New York! Might be arriving Friday morning with boy because of work, which means I have the day to shop for everything noted above (without the sticker prices- YIKES!) and as he likes to call "Mary Tyler Moore" around the city. Hopefully lunch with one of my best friends I haven't seen in months!
5. Rainy mornings on the couch with Matt Lauer. In case you forgot my crush on Matt Lauer, I mentioned it here. I woke up early enough to make a scrambled egg with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and onions.

Goal: Try and not spend TOO much money on clothes I can wear not just this weekend but all of Fall. Stay tuned! What are your favorite fall essentials?

Friday, October 14, 2011


At my job, sometimes we have to discuss some of the things that might go wrong at an event. Like any event, more or less people may show up, there might not be enough food, weather might force you into your backup plan... But one recurring issue we run into is planning around the President. How many people can say that they've had to figure out Plan B,C,D, and E because of the possibility that the President might be passing by? We had a meeting this morning discussing an upcoming event where we weren't sure how food would be delivered because of the arrival of the President. And that made me stop and think how unique and awesome it is to live in DC. Here are a few:

Everything and Everyone stops when the President goes by. Literally.
When I first moved here two years ago, my first expereince with the President was his motorcade. I felt like a little kid as I watched the limos and policemen swoosh by with lights flashing and flags waving. As the months wore on, it wasn't uncommon to hear that some people were late for work or had to switch their usual route because Obama was coming through. Its still exciting for my parents and friends when they visit and see the motorcade (sometimes I wonder if its just the Secret Service without the President in tow), but even now to me its not as exciting as it once was. However. This past summer I worked at a wedding on a Saturday just outside the Corchran Gallery of Art, and ran into a HUGE problem. I was on one of three buses full of wedding guests going to the reception at the Art Gallery, when just as we had arrived and the doors opened, police appeared out of nowhere telling us to get out of there as fast as we could. I blinked and suddenly the road had been closed off, police officers were frantically yelling at people to go around the detour, and the poor bus driver I was with had to shut the doors and drive anywhere but there. I knew this meant the President was going through town and that would mean a road block for the next 20 minutes, so with thirtsy and antsy guests on my bus, I decided to walky talky the other two and drive a few blocks away and have the guests walk to the gallery. Well it turns out that the other two event planners on the other buses actually got off and left their guests onboard accidentally. So now I was in charge of all three buses. I made an announcement over the speakers that we would do a quick tour of the next five blocks of DC. Everyone was surprisinly excited about it as I pointed out some of the monuments and buildings (that even I was shocked to have remembered) and even homeless men and a CVS in case anyone ran into an emergency. My this story is getting long. Bear with me. So after ten minutes of sight seeing, I told the bus to turn around and we would head back to the gallery hoping everything had cleared. It hadn't. It was in what I refer to now as "frozen" stage. During this time, whatever you are doing, you STOP. I didn't know this so I unloaded everyone off the three buses and apologized to Grandma explaining that we would have to walk the three blocks because traffic was stopped. Well it turns out not only car traffic stops for the President, but human trafficking (har har) as well. We must have walked only ten feet when a police woman saw me and yelled "STOP!!!!" And we waited five minutes as pedestrians over the stretch of five blocks all stopped. Not a movement. No cameras, no crossing, no talking. It was weird. But as soon as the President passed, and I was sweating about how angry all the guests would be about missing cocktail hour, they all could not stop talking about how cool it was to have seen President Obama drive by. So yeah, I guess it is pretty cool.

Rally For Sanity
Do you remember when Stephen Colbert and John Stewart hosted Rally for Sanity? I was there. This is how awesome it was:

Fourth of July
I worked this event two years in a row, and its truly awe-inspiring
This is really what it looks like

This is what I see when I go for a run:

Hola Casa de Blanca!
Hello there Washington Monument!
Adios Capitol!

And some other things I've gotten to experience in DC over just two years...
The Climate Rally on the National Mall
Featuring a few avatars...
Event at the Library of Congress honoring...
Bill and Melinda Gates
Run by the Potomac River
Screen on the Green where they show old classics on the National Mall and everyone stands up and dances during the opening credits with the old-fashioned popcorn/hot-dog/soda ad. This one was a showing of "Bonnie and Clyde" and my best friend and I had popcorn and a bottle of wine :)
The Waterlily Festival
Snowpocalypse 2009 - This is the M street in Georgetown, one of the busiest parts of DC, completely empty. My friends and I ventured out into the cold to the 3 bars that were open. One of the best nights I've ever had here.
Nickeoldeon's Worldwide Day of Play

DC is amazing and even though i never planned on moving here, I'm glad I did. What about all of you? Did any of you end up somewhere you never expected? Do you love it?

Happiness means...
1. It's 5:00 on a Friday! Wee!
2. I'm in such a hurry to get out of here I'm going to say the other 4 (quickly)are candy corn (still, yes)
3. dinner date with boy because he is FINALLY home
4. pumpkin patches
5. Free wine and cheese to support a girlfriend's new boutique opening!

Goal: Oystassssss, Pumpkins and Ravens football!

Have a lovely weekend!