Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Hello!


True to my word, I've disappeared. I figured I wouldn't be posting daily like a lot of bloggers, and its not even because I'm too busy, but more often than not its because there aren't enough minutes in the day as it is SO I'd rather be outside or away from the computer since I'm behind one all day every day. That's not to say I don't waste HOURS on end reading a million blogs, but sometimes its a nice escape reading about what other people are doing around the world. Anyway, no apologies but I haven't truly disappeared! The last time I posted, I received truly tragic news that a close friend died in a horrible freak accident. The entire week was pretty draining and emotional... I actually had to work a wedding the day after I got this awful news, and every happy little thing about the event was so bittersweet because all I could think was how my dear friend would never experience any of it. I woke up every morning that week sort of nauseous and with a headache, so that didn't help my mood either. Long story short, it was a tough week. Boy and I went to the funeral two weeks ago and it actually ended up being one of the best times I've ever had with friends. I can't even describe the love we all felt being with each other. I was shocked at how many of our college friends came- people were standing along the walls and outside the church, and afterwards, the reception site ran out of food and beverages in just a few short minutes. It was truly as a funeral should be- a celebration of life. Since that weekend, I've felt so incredibly grateful. I went home last weekend to visit my family (sans boy) and had an amazing time doing nothing much at all. I spent the afternoon all day on the beach with my two best friends from home and spent Father's Day at the Golf Club where my brothers and my sister and parents all dined on a delicious brunch. During my time home, I went for a nice long bike ride to the bay by myself...

...and literally just sat by the water with no one around just overwhelmed by how amazing my life is. Thank you Lord for allowing me a life anyone would envy but no one else has.

Happiness means...
1. This picture

2. These jeans... my next jean purchase will surely be these babies!
3. Fresh cherrystone clams. Dad gave me a bushel fresh from the bay and I cooked them the next day back home in DC for boy and I... Saute garlic, red pepper flakes and shallots in a bit of olive oil. Pour in one cup of white wine and boil. Toss in 30 clams or so and cover. Check periodically until all clams open up (ten minutes or so- after five minutes, toss around a bit so no clams are stuck under each other). Amazing and super easy. Boy had over linguini, but I had them by themselves and drank the broth like a soup. Delish!

4. Jersey farmers markets. I always stop at one farmers market on my drive back to DC and stock up on jersey tomatoes, corn (which I grilled last night for dinner with old bay butter mmm), shallots, romaine lettuce and cucumbers. Doesn't get any better.
5. My flowers are growing! I spontaneously tried my hand at gardening a couple weeks ago, and by gardening I mean after five minutes of weeding and trying to uproot roots (no thank you) in 100 degree weather, i tossed some bulbs in the ground which should have been 8 inches underground, and tossed some dirt over them. Ok, so I may have "planted" 20 of them and only 3 are sprouting, but thats pretty successful for such laziness!

Goal: Start getting into my workout routine again. I had tendonitis so I've been off my feet for 3 weeks now and it's put me in such a funk. Its a cruel thing that it takes 3 weeks to get in shape and only 1 week to get out (or in my case 5 weeks to get back in shape after one week of straight dessert). Now, outside for my run!


  1. I am so happy I just found your blog. I am loving it! totally understand the blogging break - i always love to be out and about rather than sitting in front of a computer especially when its been sunny!
    Im so sorry to hear about your friend who died in a car crash! thats so awful. but it sounds like the funeral was beautiful and you celebrated their life perfectly.
    Cant wait to read more posts :) im a new follower xx

  2. Sounds like a good idea, computers can drive you crazy.

    * S *

  3. You're beautiful!!
    would you like to follow us each other?

    XOX Sabrina