Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make Lemonade

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work yesterday to pick up a few items. I had also just checked my bank account only to find that the balance almost matches my dress size. Since dress sizes generally don't go past 14, this is obviously not good. I had $20 cash and picked up a couple bottles of seltzer and debated- I kid you not- for about ten minutes on whether or not I really needed almond milk. I've never even tried almond milk, people. This is what always happens when I go to the grocery store. Most people agree they will walk in with a list or a couple things in mind and walk out with a hundred. I, on the other hand, go in for a couple things, pick up three bottles of sauces in the exotic foods aisle, a pomegranate, gluten free pasta, organic wine and 5 containers of Fage yogurt on sale. I cannot pronounce these sauces, I don't know how to eat a raw pomegranate, I have no gluten allergies, my wine preference is solely based on how cute the label is, and I still have 5 yogurt containers in my fridge. I am constantly intrigued by food trends and mysteries and end up loading the cart with food enough for a Mexican family with Celiac disease and a strong environmental awareness. Anyway. I put the almond milk away reminding myself that I don't really need it even though I wanted it. Then on my drive home feeling proud of myself that I managed to leave the grocery store without spending over $5, I slammed on the brakes. Lemonade stand. Two six year old girls, a box of chocolate chip cookies and a sign for $1 lemonade. There are few things sweeter and more summery in this world than lemonade stands, watermelon wedges, outdoor concerts, flag cakes, the ice-cream man, seagulls, lightning bugs (ok so there are a few summery things)... Guess what? I paid $10 for a lemonade and a cookie. And it was worth every penny to see the excitement on these little girl's faces when I placed a pile of $1 bills in their hands and told them to keep it for an ice cream treat. I walked away with with my Country Time lemonade mix, Chips Ahoy stale cookie, and the last thing on my mind was that almond milk. Now that is what I call money well spent.

Happiness Means...
1. It's 82 degrees outside and I am on my way to the community pool for the first time to relax and read my book. Finally a weekend home in DC :)
2. I had lobster for dinner last night with boy and two of our closest friends. We colored on the paper table cloths and wore bibs and drank lukewarm pitchers of Miller Lite on the porch of a crab shack. They actually ran out of crabs but the company was my favorite part anyway.
3. My new black maxi dress and vintage belt that was my moms. Sorry no pictures, but this might be my new go-to outfit. Simple and sexy.
4. Boy and I stayed in bed a bit longer today just laughing. I know, gag me. But really is the greatest way to start the day.
5. This afternoon our neighborhood is throwing a block party and shutting down the street for live music, bbq, beer, a MOON BOUNCE and a comedian (?). I think the families must have all pitched in for this stuff in an effort for our community to get to know each other but I am SO excited. As I've mentioned before, the area has a lot of younger families and young businessmen and women. Its great because the age range is pretty much between 23 and 32 with a few older men and women with beautiful gardens and dogs in their yards. Have I mentioned I love where I live? Now off on a walk to the market for fresh flowers before the pool. Oh happy day

Goal: Drink a little lemonade and not so many beers (thank you Tim McGraw)

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