Thursday, May 12, 2011


Lobsters have been on my mind a lot recently. Mostly because i just got back from Florida and could be mistaken for the fiery red crustacean were it not for the hair on my head and lack of claws. I have never been so burned in my entire life. My legs and arms were so swollen you couldn't see any bone definition, and even putting my arms at rest stretched my skin so tight it hurt to lift anything. GAH. Lesson learned: SPF 15 is no good if you're laying out for the first time in the bright sunshine for eight hours straight. Today is five days since the burn and the layers of skin are peeling off everywhere. So now I look like a lobster with leprosy. Fantastic. Anyway, I love all things lobster except resembling one. Here are some of my favorite lobster things...

Tory Burch Lobster expadrilles - too cute!

My favorite place to eat seafood at home, on the back porch with a bib tucked in my shirt and a pitcher of beer. Can't WAIT

Lobster Invitations by Kate Spade

I love all lobster rolls. Yes, even the ones they sell in Maine from McDonalds. Amaaaaazing

Lobster Kit by J. Crew

Happiness Means...
1. My sister graduates on Saturday so I get to see my whole family for the afternoon!
2. Easter Candy is STILL on sale which means I can get my crak cocaine jelly beans for half price. Whooppeeeeee
3. Aloe. Yup.
4. This shower curtain that I just bought because my roommate moved out taking the shower curtain, and I didn't notice until I went to take a shower before work...
5. Bethenny Frankel. She kills me... her reality show is a guilty pleasure and she makes a mean skinny margarita!

Goal: Graduation present for Annie and birthday present for Ralphie


  1. I'm allergic to lobster, but I am totally in love with them as decoration on clothes! So much so that I am desperately going to look for some on shorts, belts, etc for my baby boy! So cute!!! Lovely blog, I found you through your comment on the lil bee.

  2. lobster shoes- amazing. lobster sandwhich at mcd's? i feel like i'd be scared to try it but i really want to!

  3. I had no idea that mcdonald's sold lobster rolls... even in maine!? I'm totally impressed.... and missing the east coast. Must visit soon. :-)