Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

There is nothing I love more on this earth than margaritas, chips and salsa. I kid you not, if I had to survive off one thing the rest of my life those would be it (healthy, right?). If I were on death row and I had a last meal, I would ask for a bottomless bowl of chips and salsa, endless salt-rimmed margaritas on the rocks and a side of guacamole. Every year for my birthday my request is Mexican, and I only order a platter because bingeing off chips alone is probably not the most well balanced meal. Actually, I just remember I had pasta for dinner last night, but before it was ready I had a nice appetizer of tostitos chips. Ok, so you get it... i like mexican shit. SO imagine my excitement when Cinco de Mayo rolls around! WOOOOOOOOOO lets drink and eat chippies!!! However, I can't celebrate tonight because I have something even MORE exciting than today- I'll be on the beach tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale!! So even though I'm a wee bit bummed I'm missing out on my favorite holiday of the year, I get to play Cinco de Mayo for the next four days with boy, and instead of in the city, it will be on the beach. Viva la Mexico! Or Fort Laudy Daudy....

Grateful for...
1. My new house I'm moving into with one of my best friends next weekend!!
2. Being able to go on my first vacation ever with boy
3. My new weekend job working weddings. I've finally started my dream job :)
4. Boy's family, who treat me like I'm part of theirs
5. My home in DC. What an incredible time to be living here. Words can't describe the patriotism I've felt this week from President Obama's announcement that Osama bin laden has been killed. I never want to live anywhere else. For now...

Goal: Eat and drink and me merry

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