Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Perfection

I am still in awe over the royal wedding this morning. I set my alarm form 4:00AM but slept until 6:00 just in time to catch everything. There's something so exciting about being awake earlier than usual, usually because something special is happening. Being awake when its still dark still reminds me of family vacations to Maine when we would all wake up at 5:00AM for the long car ride. It almost felt like we were being whisked away in the night on a secret adventure! This morning I had the same bit of excitement as I sat in my pajamas waiting to see Princess Kate's dress. For someone who has a serious obsession with weddings, I actually wasn't among the millions following their every move every day. I'm actually surprised people were so obsessive- its not like there was anything to really discuss until the day of the wedding! Not major scandals, events or much info at all until the day of. I though the articles were pretty boring, and keeping everything a secret made the big day that much more exciting! I thought Kate looked stunning. Her gown was absolute perfection. It fit her to a T, looked timeless, classic, elegant and romantic. Chantilly lace is my favorite material for a wedding dress, paired with satin. The pleats in the dress accentuated her slim figure and didn't overwhelm her tiny frame. I also loved how the back of the dress dipped but was tastefully covered in lace. Ahh just gorgeous. Her makeup and hair were gorgeous as well even if not much different from her everyday look. A lot of people thought her look was a bit plain or not adventurous enough, which I would agree HOWEVER it is a royal wedding. Not a wedding. This is not the time to take a fashion risk or throw on the red lipstick. You want your husband to recognize you on the day of your wedding, and if its too over the top it could be trashy. My only criticism was that I wish her hair hadn't been parted to the side. I know that is such a teensy little critique but I love symmetrical looks for special occasions, so perhaps having hair half up or all up with no part would have been my preference. But hey, when you are as beautiful as Kate Middleton, why mess with success?

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