Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry Blossom Sunday

Cherry Blossoms in Georgetown
Actually, I've lived in DC for two years and for the second time I did not visit the Cherry Blossom Festival. Instead, I had my own little appreciation for the lovely blossoms on my walk home Sunday morning. This weekend was just right. It was't perfect, and actually Saturday night was sort of a disaster, but all in all it was a great weekend.

Friday night I got ready to go out sort of knowing the boy and I would stay in, but we weren't sure what everyone else's plans were. I came over around 8:00 and we all grilled chicken and I brought a feta, cucumber and tomato salad. I also brought pineapple chunks and skewers so we could grill the chicken and pineapple glazed in barbecue sauce. AMAZING. We all sat around and watched tv and ended up staying in which was just perfect.
The University Club of Washington DC
Saturday was incredible. The boy had a lacrosse game in Richmond so he left in the morning, and I jetted over the University Club of Washington DC (as beautiful as its picture above here), where boy is a member. On Saturdays guests are free, so last week while he played squash, I got in a good workout at the gym. This time of course, he wasn't around so I got to lounge and lollygag around the club as long as I wanted to. And I did. I watched HGTV in a robe in the ladies locker room, worked out as long and slow as I wanted in the gym (while catching up on trashy reality tv) and the grand finale... STEAM ROOM for ten minutes. Ten minutes seemed like an hour, but I swear to God when I emerged I felt like a new person. I was feeling happy, healthy and wholesome and went home to whip up a fantastic feta egg omelette with an english muffin that I wish now I had taken a picture of... Oh well! That evening when boy got back, I went over to his house around 9, where a bunch of the guys from the lacrosse team were listening to music, grilling and drinking. Made a delicious bean salad with cilantro over grilled salmon. I could get used to grilling every night! We hung out at the house drinking a while before heading out to the bars. I had a great time but I think the combination of being tired and too much champagne (I always feel like a pretencious snob ordering this on a late night at a bar but it is indeed my favorite) plus a very drunk boyfriend, resulted in arguments over why going to the strip club at 2AM is not going to happen, we will NOT be asking our cab driver to make a pit stop at ZBurger, and... you just don't understand! Boo hoo. Needless to say, Sunday morning we both looked at each other and apologized and sort of laughed off how dumb we can be. Lesson learned?

Sunday was another incredible morning all to myself. Boy woke up to coach lacrosse this time, and had to borrow my car so I chose to walk the five miles home in the GORGEOUS weather we had. I walked from Glover Park through Georgetown, over the Key Bridge and into Rosslyn. I wish every day could start this way. It was a little chilly so I threw on boy's Vineyard Vines sweater over leggings and my new straw hat from H&M, and headed out into the sunshine. I passed by the Georgetown Flea Market which made me instantly NEED an aquamarine flower vase, 1978 Nikon Camera, hand carved wooden cookie jar, and a reprint of a Cuban movie poster I couldn't even read but had beautiful coloring. My good sense resisted the purchases, but I enjoyed seeing all the vintage clothes, the junk and the refinished furniture. I walked through the residential streets of Georgetown imagining how lovely all the interiors must be and wondering what familied lived in each of them. Walking over the bridge I had one of those moments where I can't believe how lucky I am. The sun was shining, the Potomac was sparkling, and I had a lovely afternoon to look forward to...

Two of my best friends in DC ran the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, so we celebrated at Town Hall for brunch over bloody marys and delicious eggs and toast. We lingered there a long time before heading back to boy's house with everyone to drink Blue Moons all afternoon. Just as we were getting hungry again, we opted to try a new spot for dinner, and went to Open City in Cleveland Park. The veggie burger was fantastic, and everyone had a beer to accompany their "comfort food" dinner. On the walk back to our cars, we sppotted a Baskin Robbins where we all made our last indulgence of the day. Happy Sunday.

Happiness Means...
1. The Sun finally showed up!
2. Saying I'm sorry
3. Blue Moon Spring edition with an orange slice mmmm

4. Cab rides. Because every once in a while you'll get into a cab with your friends, and the driver will have an unreal stereo system blasting old techno hits like "Daddy Cool" and "Funkytown" so loud you can't hear yourself die of laughter. We were so engrossed in this song dancing and singing and laughing that we missed our destination. And no one said anything. Possibly best part of the weekend.
5. It's 5:00. See ya!

Goal: Run outside in this 70 degree weather! First outdoor run of 2011 (ok second, but first warm one!). In lieu of a steam room I'll just have to seal up my bathroom and run the hot water for an hour while I'm out. I'll let you know how that goes...

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  1. Just found your blog- how adorable! Sounds like a good weekend!