Friday, February 11, 2011

Home is Where Your Dog Is

When I first started writing this entry, I typed "For some reason these past few days, I've been blissfully happy." As soon as I typed those words out I realized- oh my gosh of course I've been in a great mood! I can't believe I never made the connection that after all the prayers and the coincidental song and email from Tuesday... God answered my prayer. I've been calmed and happy and confident that somehow everything is going to be okay. So there. I DO know why I've been in such a great mood. Some other things that brightened my mood these past couple days...

I attempted making onion rings for dinner the other night and even though they looked nothing like this (I set off the fire alarm if that is any indication of how crispy they were), anything fried with marinara sauce is delish!

I just love this.

Sometimes I wish women were allowed to walk down the street in fantastic gowns every day. This wedding dress is breathtaking, and I love how it is so different from the trendy strapless-poofy-lacey-frilly gowns everyone wears now (although truth be told I'm a sucker for those).

I'm going home with boy for the weekend and I can't wait! Isn't it beautiful? ALthough luckily we're supposed to have warm weather in the fifties so no snow. I plan on playing with my puppy on the beach, visiting the zoo (a hidden local gem!) and having clams on the half shell and good wine with my parents on Saturday. Is it 5:00 yet?

Happiness Means...
1. Last minute happy hours at 9:00 - I went for a couple drinks with a friend last night and we both shared a lot of personal information that we've similarily dealt with growing up. It was so nice to hear that someone else understands.
2. $5 stockings at CVS - Guess what? I've purchased $20 tights from American Apparel twice and they've both ripped after one wear. I've had my trusty cvs brand for months now and they're still going strong. Its the little things!
3. Tostitos chips - do not put a bag in front of me.
4. Morning "Runs" - I love nothing more than starting my day off with running. I haven't been exercising lately and its made my days a bit more gloomy and I just feel yuck. I finally did a little exercise this morning- although no running, and my mood was instantly lifted. Hurrah for healthy mornings!
5. My sister's Betsey Johnson wayfarers - every time I see her she asks for them back, but I admit I am too attached. Maybe we should throw them in between us and see which on they run to?

Goal: Play with puppy. That is all. Happy weekend!

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