Friday, February 18, 2011

My DC Family

I snapped out of my funk. Maybe its the sudden change in weather that reminds me spring is JUST around the corner(70 degrees!!) or maybe its because last night was just what I needed to give my mood a boost.After work last night I met a few friends downtown for drinks and bar food. Towards the end of the night I drove everyone back to the neighborhood bar (blasting dance music with the windows down) where I capped off the evening with a glass of champagne and a really nice conversation with one of my closest friends in DC. I just met her last summer and now she is my go-to friend for spontaneous adventures. Whenever the mood strikes me to go explore DC or get a cocktail during the week at 10:00 at night, she is almost always game. We have a lot in common, and I can truly say she is one of my best friends in DC. Last night we were discussing (over our champagne flutes at the dive bar) how lucky we both feel to have such a close group of friends. None of us knew each other not even a year ago, and now we do everything together. It was a perfect pick-me-up conversation and it helped me realize that even when I'm having a funky day or I'm down in the dumps, I have best friends who are like family and that's something to be happy about.

Happiness means...
1. Having a boy who sends me flowers, buys me dinner, and helps figure out my car insurance (arguably most appreciated!)
2. BLASTING music with the windows down
3. Reading Cupcakes 'n Cashmere every day
4. Watching the News to start my mornings
5. Pho soup Friday!

Goal: This was my devotional this morning, so I'm going to try and remember it...

“I am with you. These four words are like a safety net, protecting you from falling into despair. Because you are human, you will always have ups and downs in your life experience. But the promise of My Presence limits how far down you can go. Sometimes you may fell as if you are in a free fall, when people or things you had counted on let you down. Yet as soon as you remember that I am with you, your perspective changes radically. Instead of bemoaning your circumstances, you can look to Me for help. You recall that not only am I with you, I am holding you by your right hand. I guide you with My counsel, and afterward I will take you into Glory. This is exactly the perspective you need: the reassurance of My Presence, and the glorious hope of heaven.”

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