Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day

A lot of people think of Valentines Day like they think of a trip to the dentist- scary, painful and expensive. Thousands of men woke up this morning thinking, “Shit. I’m going to have to pick up flowers this afternoon… I hope I can still get dinner reservations… should I grab chocolate too? There goes a hundred bucks…” Thousands of women on the other hand wake up smiling, thinking “Happy Valentines Day to ME! I wonder if he got me flowers yet… I wonder what I should wear to dinner… I hope he got me a nice card…” On the other hand, there are men who wake up and convince themselves “Ahh a great day to be a single guy,” while on the opposite spectrum, single women are waking up thinking, “Well shit.” I woke up this morning happy. Not just because its Valentine’s Day but because I spent the weekend at home in New Jersey with boy, and it may have been the best trip home yet. We stayed in Friday night and watched the Exorcist which I remembered watching in 8th grade and laughing at the poor quality. NOT THIS TIME. We didn’t even finish it because I was too exhausted (ok, I was too scared). Saturday morning we had a large breakfast of eggs and toast, and took my dog to the beach to play for a bit. It was cold but sunny, and we had the nicest time doing nothing but walking around on the sand. Afterwards we stopped at a local bar for a bloody mary and a beer, and watched a little basketball. We went to dinner with my parents in Cape May and had a lovely meal paired with good wine. Dinner was very early so boy and I went for drinks at a dive bar before we headed in for the night and finished a bottle of red on the couch. Sunday we woke up refreshed from a good night’s sleep and went to church. Boy is Catholic and I am Methodist, so this was going to be very different from what he was used to. We saw a lot of family friends and watched my mom sing in the choir, and then… at the end of the service, Pastor Ted asked all the men in the congregation to stand and walk to the front of the room and face the cross. Someone sang a song while all the men stood there and then had to turn around and pledge to their families that they vowed to spend more time with them. It was the sweetest thing to see all these husbands and dads standing there a bit uncomfortable, but still, all looking at their families. Now of course this would happen on the first time boy has ever been to my church, but I was so proud of him for sticking it out like a trooper and going with the flow. We walked out of church hand in hand and I was overwhelmed with how much I love him. We drove home and spent the night watching Discovery Channel in bed after a dinner of pizza and soup. And THAT is why I woke up happy. Valentines Day or not, I have someone who loves me and reminds me the other 364 days of the year.

In college when I started dating my current boyfriend, our first Valentines Day together was quite memorable. We danced around labeling ourselves “boyfriend and girlfriend” and most of our time spent together was on the weekends between 10:00PM and 4:30AM, with the occasional movie night during the week. We weren’t seeing anyone else, but we also never quite discussed becoming official. So to keep things casual, we went out to dinner with two other couples in the same awkward scenario of “Are we together? Are we not? Are you seeing anyone? I don’t know if I’m ready for a serious relationship…” Blah blah blah. Dinner resulted in many cocktails to calm nerves and inevitably ended in fits of laughter and of course by the end of the night we had the drunken discussion that yes, in fact, we were dating. It was one of the best Valentine’s Days I have ever had just because it was with a boy I really liked that I was sure liked me too, but I’d lying if I said I didn’t think Valentines Day would sort of set the tone for where he felt we were in out “relationship” or… whatever it was. I also didn’t know what to expect, so when I came home from class earlier that afternoon and found flowers in the living room, I was not only slightly surprised but completely smitten. An announcement to all gentlemen: Yes. It is that easy. Get her flowers. The next Valentines Day it was just the two of us, and we enjoyed a night at a pub over fried pickles, burgers and wine. Perfection. Last year, we dined with another couple and feasted on decadent Italian fare at Filomena’s Restaurant in Georgetown. Tonight we’re going to dinner in Georgetown for oysters and champagne of course! I am a lucky lucky girl, and I can’t wait for tonight. I hope your Valentine’s Day is colored pink and filled with chocolates, flowers and cards no matter who they’re from.

Happiness Means…
1. 55 and sunny – finally a warm forecast!
2. Fresh, clean sheets – I brought home a month’s worth of laundry and now I can finally put fresh sheets on my bed. Praise God!
3. Being happy with what you have. This was essentially the sermon on Sunday, and although Pastor Ted made a lot of other points, it really hit home that we need to stop thinking “More! More! More!” because this life is terminal. Yikes! Be happy with what you have.
4. Banana Pudding – my mom got me an apron with the Paula Deen recipe on it and I can’t wait to make it!
5. Sleeping on the couch – It sounds silly, but I’ve spent hours- probably days- napping on my couch at home. Sick days from school, naps after track practice, coming home early Sunday morning to sleep off a hangover… I’ve spent a lot of time on that couch and it was nice to wake up early Sunday morning and curl up to sleep the rest of the morning in front of the TV and the fireplace.

Goal: Champagne!

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