Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm in a funk. Call it hormonal or call it Thursday, but I'm tired and cranky. I had a rotten day yesterday for really no reason, and I was dead tired when I got home. However, because I'm a lunatic I woke up at 11:30 last night and decided to finally make use of the rotten bananas in my cupboard, I did what any normal sane female would do and made banand bread. And yes, I stayed up for an hour until it was done. Then I went to bed. I also listened to country music on my way into work this morning and happily sang along to "One Hot Mama" (guilty pleasure song) only to be brought to near tears with a Rascall Flatts song a moment later. Soon after I came into work and demolished three slices of my banana bread (which was perfect by the way) even though I wasn't hungry. I'm thinking of calling it Insomniac Hormonal Healthy Banana bread (it was made with whole wheat and honey after all). Now I am tired and full and still cranky. Looking forward to Monday

Happiness means...
1. Tomorrow is Friday
2. Finally perfecting a recipe (booyah bananan bread... hmm has a nice ring to it and sounds a bit less aggressive than my previous suggestion)
3. Asian supermarkets - I absolutely love wandering around here and seeing all the bizarre foods with ingredients I can't read, cheap fruit I've never heard of, TONS of free samples of said strange food (shrimp puffs? purple yams?) and the best part- the fresh seafood! It almost feels like I'm in another country too, being the only white American in the building. I almost never buy anything, but its still fun to take a little trip on my lunch break sometimes, even just to snag a few wasabi peas mmmm
4. Wedding Cakes! A coworker is getting married soon and I just helped her narrow down a few options... how beautiful is this? Buttercream can be so much prettier than fondant (and tastier too!)
5. Sleeping in. I woke up an entire hour late this morning and I look like I was either up all night with a screaming baby, went on a drug bender, slept in an alley, or woke up an hour late (happiness will mean a long shower at 7:00 tonight).

Goal: Quit moping. Lots to be thankful for. And thank god for makeup.

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