Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just another Tuesday...

I am late posting this blog because I was a rather busy bee Tuesday! I came into work with a lot of catching up to do, so alas, I had little time to scour ebay and read the latest celebrity gossip (huge bummer). I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my work load, so by the time 5:00 approached, I was ready to kick my feet up at home and have some wine on the couch. I had a moment of clarity and remembered that although Hollywood makes it look fun to be a young woman at home, alone, downing glasses of Shiraz on the couch (ahem Cameron Diaz in The Holiday and Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones), it is almost never fun, and I was not suffering from a break up or feeling sorry for myself. In fact, I had an incredible weekend with friends and I wanted to keep the feeling going! I spur-of-the moment asked my best friend to meet me for drinks later downtown, and thus the instant she agreed, began a night I sure as hell will never forget...(fade lights and cue the thunderclap)

We went for happy hour (which of course in the city almost never happens between 5 and 7) at a small restaurant called Bodega which was beautiful. Velvets, calfskins, rich luscious prints everywhere... a really sexy bar. We ordered just one drink and decided to stay for a dinner of tapas, which just like the decor were rich and amazing. It was so nice catching up and discussing all that had been going on over the past couple weeks. Sometimes I think that you get closer with some friends as you get older because since you see them less, the time you do spend together is more valuable. Anyway, we had our fair share of wine before we decided to go to a piano bar down the street. Much to our dispapointment, the usual singer was not at the piano, but a 20s something guy hating his life and singing tunes like someone was forcing him (or he could have just been very annoyed by three Asians requesting Lady Gaga and literally spewing beer on the piano top). Needless to say, after the spewing incident we decided we better make the $20 credit card minimum fast with a few shots and head out. THUS began our adventure...

We wanted to go dancing. This can be a difficult mission on a Tuesday night simply because... its a Tuesday. I remembered going to this bar called LIMA a couple months ago for a private business event. It was uber-trendy and really modern, and I remembered after the event wrapped up around 8, they were prepping the place for that night as it turned into a club. I expected it to be pretty obnoxious and play house music and probably flash strobe lights in my face (all amazing), but I didn't expect it to be college tuesday night. That was pretty evident when I saw a line going around the corner of girls in skin tight sleeveless dresses and no coats in 30 degree weather. Drunk and excited to dance, we paid the ridiculous cover charge (then again what wasn't ridiculous about this evening?) and walked straight into a Chris Brown video. Strobe lights, bodies sweating, you get the idea... Well this is turning into a novel, but I actually had the BEST time. We literally just danced liked idiots for hours until we got late night munchies and ended up in my apartment eating pizza and pizza fries (as if the pizza wouldn't be enough pizza) and watching Oprah. Ahh, a perfect Tuesday. NOW back to my 4th cup of coffee.

Happiness means...
1. Delivery service at 2AM
2. Oprah Winfrey... is on at 2AM
3. Advil
4. An expensive glass of wine; because even though the $8 glass tastes just fine, sometimes you deserve the $12.
5. Best friends. duh.

My goal for tomorrow is not to spend ANY money. I spent it all last night anyway.

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