Monday, January 3, 2011


I've been reading and following other people's blogs for months now, and thought it might be nice to start my own. I think one of the coolest things about blogs is that literally everything has a blog. When I feel like reading about someone's recent travels across the country, there is a blog I visit for that. When I'm trying to feel inspired in the kitchen, I know exactly who has the best recipe collection. When I simply want to look at pretty vintage dresses, there's one for that too. However, I think the greatest thing is being able to see a little bit of how everyone else lives. Its easy to get caught up in our own lives... complaining about the traffic on the way to work, our low bank accounts, our miserable jobs... But its humbling to read into other people's lives who complain about the nausea they get from cancer treatment, or their struggle to overcome alcoholism, or the anxiety they get over a lost job. Its east to forget that we are all teeny tiny pieces of an inconcievably HUGE population. How incredible is it that every day, millions and millions of people are having bad days and good days, and how alike and different we all can be? I'm sure there are hundreds of people who also order tall skim cappucinos with 2 Splenda and a shot of sugar free hazlenut in their coffee, wear size 8 shoes, share an infatuation with Rhianna and hate dolphins (sorry, they remind me of cheap pastel 1990s prints in a Florida hotel). I don't promise that I'll write in this blog every day. In fact, I very well might abandon this project after this single post, but I'm going to use this site to share what makes me happy and simply ramble on about whatever I feel like. Because even though everything has a blog, I want my blog to be a little of everything....

Ooh - I almost forgot! Every post I'm going to write down five things I am grateful for that day, and one goal for tomorrow. I believe optimism is the best medicine- laughter is a bonus :)

Happiness Means...
1. My New Shower Head - My boyfriend kept complaining how terrible my shower head was at my apartment, but I guess I was just used to it. Finally, I thought to ask if maintance could simply replace it. Well they did, and it is AMAZING. What a difference to starting the day!
2. My car - I've never had an accident before 2010, and let me tell you, my car has gotten into a number of fender benders, received enough tickets and faced enough snow and outfoor damaget that it is a blessing I still have it. I vow to take better care of it this year.
3. Bananas - I start almost every morning with a banana. I used to only like them practically green, but I have started the habit of preferring to eat them all spotty and brown like my Grandma would eat them. I swear it is almost like dessert.
4. Baltimore Ravens tickets - I went to the game yesterday and had a great time. Its such a treat that I'm able to go as a gift from my boyfriend's family. AND they won!
5. Hunter Boots fleece liners- ok, so I am almost ALWAYS cold, and nothing makes me more miserable than cold fingers and toes. My boyfriend got me these for Christmas and it may actually be my favorite gift. Hoorah for warmth!

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