Monday, January 24, 2011

A Crisp Weekend

This weekend was one of those weekends that make Friday seem like a long time ago and Monday like its weeks away. Everything slows down, and instead of wondering "where has the time gone?!" you relish every second and spend each moment in that exact moment, simply enjoying what you're doing. I'm not sure if that made sense, but Saturday and Sunday were slow and delightful, and everything I did was planned as the day wore on. I tend to get caught up in having "a plan" and trying to figure out what to do hours ahead of time when I'm not even sure of my plan in the next five minutes. It's typical for me to plan a happy hour at such and such place and dinner around the corner an hour later, but ask me what I want for lunch and I'll not only change my mind 5 times, but after the fact I'll wonder if I should have chosen the egg salad over the turkey club after all. This is a tick that drives the boyfriend absolutely insane whenever we dine out. Like clockwork, every time I order I request for something on the side, ask if its possible to substitute the vegetable, ask exactly what is in the marinade, and then at the very last minute I will grab the waitress and say "Actually, ya know what I'll have the tuna." Of course this is interrupted with many "ummmmmmmmm"s and "I thiiiiiink I'll haaaaaave" and multiple other mumbles and rambles to prolong the ordering process so I can get exactly what I want (which clearly I don't even know half the time). BUT I digress... Friday night I made homeade pizzas with the boy from premade pizza dough and they were fantastic! One was a margherita pizza with fresh buffala mozzarella slices, fresh slices of tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves all from Whole FOods (I splurged!).

The second pizza was my favorite- olive tapenade made from black olives, sardines and crushed garlic mashed together (I realized the olives weren't mashing how I wanted because they were still pitted... fast forward 20 minutes of picking out 50 pits in a bowl) over whole wheat pizza dough (I swear I will never eat white again- this was fantastic!) and topped with caramelized onions and feta cheese.

The boy preferred the margherita pizza and didn't take to the whole wheat dough like I did, but as yummy as they were they looked awesome too! I'll have to remember to take pictures on my next food adventure. We stayed in with our pizza dinner and a glass of Malbec and fell asleep by 11:00.
HELLO SATURDAY! I bundled up in multiple layers for a trek to the Starbucks around the corner and got bagels and oatmeal for a quick breakfast before the boy and I headed over to Eastern Market where we met two other friends. I LOVE the market, and even though there were hardly any outdoor vendors, it was such a treat to wander around inside and see all the beautiful meats, cheeses, patries and homeade pastas. We settled at the wooden counter and dined on cheap fish sandwiches and soup.
The best part of this day was simply being with good friends and especially the boy. Most weekends I get so antsy I walk around by myself or go on a solo adventure because the boy would rather relax and play video games- which is actually totally fine, and I often enjoy these little solo jaunts I have. BUT when we do decide to adventure together, it is always that much nicer because he's there :)
So after picking up a couple cookies and munching on wasabi pease- my absolute downfall in the snack department, we ventured over to H street where we stopped at Granville Moore's for a beer. We actually just drove into H Street without any plans and decided we'd figure out what to do once we got there. I was SUPER excited to go into Granville Moore's because of all I've heard about their mussels and their claim to fame on the Food Network show "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" (read about it here: There is no sign on the building except for a handwritten one, so its a serious hole-in-the-wall place. I sipped a delicious Belgian beer- A Kasteel called Tripel? I don't know, I'm no beer conoisseur, I usually just look at the % and the $ haha.

Next we went to the German Biergarten and sat upstairs and had a Hefe Weissen and stared longingly at the dark beer pretzels and mustard, but were too full from our afternoon beers and snacks to indugle. I'm already looking forward to the summer when we can all sit outside in the actual garden and cool off with german brews.
AFter hese adventures I went back to my apartment to change and met a friend at Cafe ASia up the street for a melon liquer drink which I don't think I'll order again... We picked up a bottle of Andre champagne (only the best) and headed back to the boy's house for a pregame. Well we drank the champagne, chugged a couple beers and passed around a Four Loko because we all wanted to try it but we aren't college enough to each drink an entire can (and thank God for that). The boy and I cabbed over to Local 16 where good college friends retned the bar for a birthday party, so until midnight we caught up with old friends and met some new ones. From there we ended up at a local karaoke spot, Peyote and belted the best hits from Grease and a couple Beatles hits. This place is always our go-to when all else fails, and I love it every time. When we got back to the house at around 2, the boy and I ordered and devoured a plate of manicotti and spaghetti and meatballs. How's that for late night drunk food? Since this blog is turning into a novel, I'll describe Sunday briefly: Woke up at 10:30, watched Jersey Shore and Ferris Bueller, met friends at Cactus Cantina for fajitas and margarita pitchers, and ended the day with cupcakes from Somethin' Sweet where I had the best vanilla buttercream cupcake of my life (sorry Baked & Wired!). I was in bed by 8:30 watching the Devil Wears Prada and reading trashy magazines. Life is good.

Happiness Means...
1. Buttercream frosting
2. Outdoor Markets even in the cold
3. Karaoke - I used to sing and belong to a ton of choirs when I was little, so sometimes I genuinely miss singing. I don't think karaoke quite counts, but some of my best nights have ended with a beer soaked microphone screaming Hey Jude.
4. Makeup - I'm no makeup freak but whenever I have the time to wear it to work, for some reason it make smy day go by faster and I feel like I walk a little taller.
5. Pitbulls and Parolees - just discovered this show on Saturday morning and was THIS close to venturing the SPCA and coming home with a dog. This woman rescues pitbulls from violence and starvation and trains them to give them new homes. She hires parolees to assist her so not only if she saving puppies, but shes helping guys that almost no one would hire and changing their lives too. Next time I see it, theres a very good chance I will have to get a dog. Stay tuned!

Goal: Be a better person. I know- very general and quite a Miss America response but I can't think of a better goal than to try and be a little kinder...

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