Friday, January 21, 2011

Cannibalism, Poverty and all that Good Stuff

I’ve had such a good week...

Last Saturday’s Ravens loss was a huge disappointment, but the night ended with all of my best friends, sitting in the living room and laughing at youtube videos that really aren’t funny at all, BUT it was 11:00, we were all a little drunk and worn out after the loss to Pittsburgh. Sometimes the best nights aren’t even when you go out but when you stay in and just laugh and laugh… Isn’t it funny that Tuesday night I went raving at a club, threw back shots and danced until midnight (ooh right I didn't share with you all- went to club Lima AGAIN with another friend and it was an exact repeat of the last time except this time we didn't have to pay cover because we befriended a Russian prostitue and her "brother" who got us in! I am laughing just writing that...), yet Saturday I sat on a couch for 5 hours, drank beer and watched youtube? Hmm I guess I can feel less bad about going out during the week when I stay in on the weekend. Besides, it is SO nice to wake up Sunday morning without rushing to check my account balance and lamenting about the late night burger I really didn’t need and the cigarette I was stupid enough to smoke. Sunday was a lazy day and I sat on the couch with the boyfriend and the boys watching ALIVE which as I’m sure you know is about the plane crash in the Andes where the survivors were forced to eat the deceased to stay alive. Of course being the 20 some immature adults that we are, we spent most of the time making jokes about how someone’s butt would actually taste, and whether or not any of these people could attend a barbecue ever again. I actually don’t think I’d have a problem eating human flesh is forced with starvation. Hopefully I never have to make this decision (although I’d probably be the first to die if I ever had to survive in those cold temperatures- anything below 70 degrees and I have goose-bumps) but hey just a heads up- permission to naw on my flesh if ya need to!

After blobbing on the couch for hours watching movies, I made it back to my apartment where I stayed in by myself watching the Golden Globes (actually just the red carpet)with a glass of wine- I know I know, I just finished the last post saying how I really never do this nor do I enjoy it unless in the company of others, however my best friends and I were incessantly texting back and forth our thoughts on all the red carpet styles so it really felt like they were sitting right next to me  - and pancakes for dinner. I really wasn’t looking forward to Monday because I had an appointment with my therapist that I had been dreading all weekend. I’m not shy about seeing a therapist (I am a Psych major after all) because I think its completely normal to talk to someone regardless of why you’re there. I actually started seeing one in college and although I still sort of hate going sometimes, its meetings like the one I had Monday that keep me in perspective and make me feel so encouraged and happy and just grateful. During my meeting my therapist said something that really stuck with me all week and I think I’m going to make it my mantra for 2011: People are generally just about as happy as they make up their minds to be. I’m not sure that my Psychology professors would agree, and maybe this is some psychological mind trick that if I believe I’m happy than I will be! But hey, that’s been proven in studies any way so I guess its true! Regardless, it really made me think… we all have so much to be grateful for and so many things to be happy about that I think as soon as something negative happens, the best way to keep happy is to think happy. For instance… my identity was stolen on Tuesday! Well- not really. But someone did hack into my paypal account and purchase a $900 iPad. Whats hilarious actually is that since my paypal account is linked to my savings account (a mistake I forgot to fix and thank God), there wasn’t enough money in it to cover the charge! Ha! This may be the first time I am ever grateful for being broke. I notified the bank and they waived the insufficient funds fee, paypal notified the seller, and I changed all my passwords. All is fixed. Hoorah for poverty! The rest of the week was enjoyed with a quiet Wednesday sitting on the couch with a dear friend sipping champagne and catching up… Thursday I celebrated Restaurant Week with an INCREDIBLE dinner at The Occidental with my best friends…

and this evening I am staying in with the boy and making homemade pizza, a good bottle of red wine, and an early bed time. And now something to stick with you for the weekend 

when upon life's billows you are tempest tossed,
when you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
count your many blessings, name them one by one,
and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Happpiness means...
1. Tory Burch flats: I have been dying for a pair for literally years. I got 3 gift cards there for my birthday but haven't been able to use them (I will spare you the long story) so imagine my surprise when I opened a package from my mom and HERE is what she sent me

2. Ice - I could eat ice all day. This is wierd but true. I like my beverages as cold as cold can be
3. Will Ferrell - I watched Stepbrothers in bed last night and could not stop laughing. I was by myself mind you, so anything that makes you laugh out loud even when you're alone is good. Did I mention ELF is my favorite movie of all time?
4. Bank of America - So I called and said hey, that $900 charge was not me. THey took care of it without too many questions. Was that really that easy?
5. My darling dad - He called to let me know I had to pay a ticket for running a red light... and spared me the talk about slowing down and how this is going to affect my insurance. What a guy.

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