Friday, January 28, 2011

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. Sometimes.

I think of all the sayings, words to live by, advice and graduation quotes in the world, the truest has to be that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I've experienced this time and time again, and although having something you love around all the time, it really is true that "you don't know how much you love something until its gone" - another annoyingly overused quote in millions of novels and movies. Growing up in South Jersey I always loved my home. I could be on the beach in five minutes, the city in 30 minutes, or stay on my three acre property nestled under 100 year old trees taller than my house. I had a little bit of everything and I always felt lucky to live in such a beautiful area. A lot of my friends and classmates however, expressed the typical cliched teenage-angst that they were "bigger than this small town" and couldn't wait to "kick the dust off this old town" etc. etc... I always wondered if they truly felt that way or had this feeling that because magazines, movies and media (a triple threat!) expected this type of rebellion, they had to indeed fulfill the expectation. Regardless, I never wanted to leave. HOWEVER. I went to college. I graduated after four years at a small liberal arts school in a small Pennsylvania town, with no beaches or a city for miles away. Shockingly, I loved it. No, I LOVED it. I had somewhat of a reverse rebellion. A lot of the same friends that couldn't wait to get out of our small NJ town were now coming home from school every weekend, and some even moved back home not realizing how much they loved it. Not me. I dreaded coming home even for the holidays because it meant time away from friends and time that could be spent doing whatever it was I wanted whenever I pleased. So ironically enough, I sort of began to take on that cliched teenage-angst, just as a college student. Eventually, I broke up with my boyfriend of five years basically because the long-distance just didn't work out (perhaps if I had come home more this would have changed things). The relationship I had with my mom grew completely strained and it seemed like I never called enough, and when I did it was because I felt an obligation to- which I was reminded of every time (oh a vicious cycle that I can now say was mostly my selfish fault). I have never been good at keeping in touch, but my best friends from home and I seldom spoke, and when I was home I preferred to stay in and pout about missing college friends... I don't mean to go off on such a tangent, I promise I have a point! As soon as I graduated, I moved to Virginia and lived with my aunt and uncle for a summer while I interned in Washington, DC. Only then did I get homesick. Once I was away from my friends and knew that coming home would be entirely up to me and not because campus was closing, I found myself missing home. A lot. I missed home, my family, my dog, the beach... even the stupid Wawa hoagies I had at least once a week growing up that were nonexistent for 2 hours outside of DC. I started calling my mom more, asking her to come visit, calling my dad, my sister, and making plans for beach weekends. Just writing about home now makes me wish I were on the beach (ok maybe when it is a bit warmer). But being away for so long before coming home always made it a happy weekend. EVen my boyfriend being away this week has made me stupidly sappy and talking to him on the phone this morning you would have thought I was in 8th grade and finally got a call from the cute kid at locker 220. I gabbed about everything unimportant going on and reminded him 100 times how much I missed him and to stay away from any blonde ski bunnies. ANYWAY... I was thinking about this quote initially however, because my best friend in the entire world- my other half (and actually my second cousing and college roommate) is visiting for the night on Tuesday. We grew up together- sort of. My dad and her mom are first cousins, so whatever we are, we're family. We went to the few large family parties over the years but since we went to separate schools we weren't really friends. We attended the same high school, and one of my best friends growing up actually became closer friends with her than I initially was. Quickly, there were four of us, even now inseparable when we're together- KB, BriB, MD and me. WE did everything together in high school but none of us was closer with another. When I was accepted to college and found out my cousin was too, I honestly had mixed feelings. I was excited to go somewhere where no one knew me, but it would probably be nice to see a familiar face. Well wouldn't you know that we ended up living on the same floor? Of all 5 or 6 Freshman buildings, we were not only in the same one but on the same FLOOR. So since day one of college, my cousin became my other half. We are the same person, and without her I don't even want to know how boring and empty my life would be. Freshman year we experienced a lot of firsts and new things with each other. Sophomore year, she suffered a heart-wrenching breakup and the death of her grandfather; even though these weren't my experiences, I can honestly say I have never been more sad in my entire life than to see her in such pain (I actually still get a lump in my throat just thinking about it). When she went abroad without me Junior year, I was devastated. Our emails back and forth could have been love letters between lesbians. Senior year I went through a lot of my own tough moments, and she was always there either to give me a hug, make me laugh or tell me I was being an idiot which is a rare but vauable trait to find in a friend. Anyway, since she is no longer my roommate and no longer ten minutes from my house, I miss her every day. I cannot WAIT for Tuesday.

Happiness Means...
1. Not being a smoker - this sounds stupid, but driving to work in 20 degrees today, the car next to me had all the windows down, and a woman dressed in a scarf wrapped tight around her neck was puffing at a cigarette. At 8:00AM. Gross and stupid.
2. Country Music - this reminds me of home and sometimes blasting it on the way to work reminds me that summer is just around the corner
3. Tuna fish - in college when everyone else would come home at 3am and binge on pizza, mac and cheese and Sheetz chicken fingers, I would always crack open a can of tuna and eat it on the floor right out of the can. THis is still my favorite sandwich, and my grandma used to make it for me every time I came over (she hated cooking) with relish and mayo on white bread always cut intro triangles- never squares.
4. Tweezers - My eyebrows practically jumped at my tweezers this morning, as I was beginning to resemble Frida Kahlo
5. Pretzel M&Ms - The picture at the top was taken Wednesday night around midnight. My grilfriend and her roommate were hosting a Greek potluck that literally no one came to (except a friend and I) because we were the only idiots dumb enough to go out in a snow storm. This picture is on our way to the GIANT to purchase more bottles of wine and an entire new bag of pretzel M&Ms. Although they were the greatest treats in the world at the time, I honestly don't think I can ever eat another without getting queasy. Oh well, thats what happiness meant to me at midnight on Wednesday!

Goal: Cut the sugar this weekend- my teeth still hurt from all that chocolate!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Day After Tomorrow

I love snow days... only when it means work is cancelled, the metro systems are running on time, no cars are running out of gas in the middle of roads, ice chips are not blowing in your eyes, supermarkets actually have more than tuna cans and cake mixes, trees are frosted and beautiful and not blocking intersections, Starbucks is not out of hot cocoa, and lunch is my mom's homeade soup.
Needless to say, I hate today. Have you ever seen the Day After Tomorrow? This is what Virginia looked like going to work this morning...

Happiness Means...
1. Heated seats
2. Shirley Valentine - This movie makes me want to pack up and jet off to Greece where I am convinced I am destined to live for the rest of my life. Santorini of course.
3. Children's books - SOmething about children's books is so soothing... I have a close friend that sent me one on my birthday and it was one of my favorite gifts ever simpoly because it told me she knows me so well. I sent her "Toot and Puddle" on her birthday- my faovrite childrens book. I hope this becomes a tradition!
4. Classical Music - I'm a total sucker for Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi and Tchaicovksy, but Barber's Adagio for Strings might be the most painfully beautiful piece ever orchestrated. I cry every time.
5. Boy - Boy is on vacation for a week with his friends and I miss him terribly already. I love him because he doesn't mind that I prefer to sleep with socks on, I always steal the covers, I overcook the tuna steaks, I subscribe to wedding magazines, I am always half an hour late, I jump on the bed on Sunday mornings, I talk to strangers and taxi drivers about their lives, my starbucks order takes me two breaths and one long run on sentence, I listen to Christmas music in October, the temperature in my bedroom is literally 80 degress, and I always change my dinner order at the last minute. Then again, I think he does mind. The important thing is he never says so :)

Goal: Make a pot of homeade soup!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Crisp Weekend

This weekend was one of those weekends that make Friday seem like a long time ago and Monday like its weeks away. Everything slows down, and instead of wondering "where has the time gone?!" you relish every second and spend each moment in that exact moment, simply enjoying what you're doing. I'm not sure if that made sense, but Saturday and Sunday were slow and delightful, and everything I did was planned as the day wore on. I tend to get caught up in having "a plan" and trying to figure out what to do hours ahead of time when I'm not even sure of my plan in the next five minutes. It's typical for me to plan a happy hour at such and such place and dinner around the corner an hour later, but ask me what I want for lunch and I'll not only change my mind 5 times, but after the fact I'll wonder if I should have chosen the egg salad over the turkey club after all. This is a tick that drives the boyfriend absolutely insane whenever we dine out. Like clockwork, every time I order I request for something on the side, ask if its possible to substitute the vegetable, ask exactly what is in the marinade, and then at the very last minute I will grab the waitress and say "Actually, ya know what I'll have the tuna." Of course this is interrupted with many "ummmmmmmmm"s and "I thiiiiiink I'll haaaaaave" and multiple other mumbles and rambles to prolong the ordering process so I can get exactly what I want (which clearly I don't even know half the time). BUT I digress... Friday night I made homeade pizzas with the boy from premade pizza dough and they were fantastic! One was a margherita pizza with fresh buffala mozzarella slices, fresh slices of tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves all from Whole FOods (I splurged!).

The second pizza was my favorite- olive tapenade made from black olives, sardines and crushed garlic mashed together (I realized the olives weren't mashing how I wanted because they were still pitted... fast forward 20 minutes of picking out 50 pits in a bowl) over whole wheat pizza dough (I swear I will never eat white again- this was fantastic!) and topped with caramelized onions and feta cheese.

The boy preferred the margherita pizza and didn't take to the whole wheat dough like I did, but as yummy as they were they looked awesome too! I'll have to remember to take pictures on my next food adventure. We stayed in with our pizza dinner and a glass of Malbec and fell asleep by 11:00.
HELLO SATURDAY! I bundled up in multiple layers for a trek to the Starbucks around the corner and got bagels and oatmeal for a quick breakfast before the boy and I headed over to Eastern Market where we met two other friends. I LOVE the market, and even though there were hardly any outdoor vendors, it was such a treat to wander around inside and see all the beautiful meats, cheeses, patries and homeade pastas. We settled at the wooden counter and dined on cheap fish sandwiches and soup.
The best part of this day was simply being with good friends and especially the boy. Most weekends I get so antsy I walk around by myself or go on a solo adventure because the boy would rather relax and play video games- which is actually totally fine, and I often enjoy these little solo jaunts I have. BUT when we do decide to adventure together, it is always that much nicer because he's there :)
So after picking up a couple cookies and munching on wasabi pease- my absolute downfall in the snack department, we ventured over to H street where we stopped at Granville Moore's for a beer. We actually just drove into H Street without any plans and decided we'd figure out what to do once we got there. I was SUPER excited to go into Granville Moore's because of all I've heard about their mussels and their claim to fame on the Food Network show "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" (read about it here: There is no sign on the building except for a handwritten one, so its a serious hole-in-the-wall place. I sipped a delicious Belgian beer- A Kasteel called Tripel? I don't know, I'm no beer conoisseur, I usually just look at the % and the $ haha.

Next we went to the German Biergarten and sat upstairs and had a Hefe Weissen and stared longingly at the dark beer pretzels and mustard, but were too full from our afternoon beers and snacks to indugle. I'm already looking forward to the summer when we can all sit outside in the actual garden and cool off with german brews.
AFter hese adventures I went back to my apartment to change and met a friend at Cafe ASia up the street for a melon liquer drink which I don't think I'll order again... We picked up a bottle of Andre champagne (only the best) and headed back to the boy's house for a pregame. Well we drank the champagne, chugged a couple beers and passed around a Four Loko because we all wanted to try it but we aren't college enough to each drink an entire can (and thank God for that). The boy and I cabbed over to Local 16 where good college friends retned the bar for a birthday party, so until midnight we caught up with old friends and met some new ones. From there we ended up at a local karaoke spot, Peyote and belted the best hits from Grease and a couple Beatles hits. This place is always our go-to when all else fails, and I love it every time. When we got back to the house at around 2, the boy and I ordered and devoured a plate of manicotti and spaghetti and meatballs. How's that for late night drunk food? Since this blog is turning into a novel, I'll describe Sunday briefly: Woke up at 10:30, watched Jersey Shore and Ferris Bueller, met friends at Cactus Cantina for fajitas and margarita pitchers, and ended the day with cupcakes from Somethin' Sweet where I had the best vanilla buttercream cupcake of my life (sorry Baked & Wired!). I was in bed by 8:30 watching the Devil Wears Prada and reading trashy magazines. Life is good.

Happiness Means...
1. Buttercream frosting
2. Outdoor Markets even in the cold
3. Karaoke - I used to sing and belong to a ton of choirs when I was little, so sometimes I genuinely miss singing. I don't think karaoke quite counts, but some of my best nights have ended with a beer soaked microphone screaming Hey Jude.
4. Makeup - I'm no makeup freak but whenever I have the time to wear it to work, for some reason it make smy day go by faster and I feel like I walk a little taller.
5. Pitbulls and Parolees - just discovered this show on Saturday morning and was THIS close to venturing the SPCA and coming home with a dog. This woman rescues pitbulls from violence and starvation and trains them to give them new homes. She hires parolees to assist her so not only if she saving puppies, but shes helping guys that almost no one would hire and changing their lives too. Next time I see it, theres a very good chance I will have to get a dog. Stay tuned!

Goal: Be a better person. I know- very general and quite a Miss America response but I can't think of a better goal than to try and be a little kinder...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cannibalism, Poverty and all that Good Stuff

I’ve had such a good week...

Last Saturday’s Ravens loss was a huge disappointment, but the night ended with all of my best friends, sitting in the living room and laughing at youtube videos that really aren’t funny at all, BUT it was 11:00, we were all a little drunk and worn out after the loss to Pittsburgh. Sometimes the best nights aren’t even when you go out but when you stay in and just laugh and laugh… Isn’t it funny that Tuesday night I went raving at a club, threw back shots and danced until midnight (ooh right I didn't share with you all- went to club Lima AGAIN with another friend and it was an exact repeat of the last time except this time we didn't have to pay cover because we befriended a Russian prostitue and her "brother" who got us in! I am laughing just writing that...), yet Saturday I sat on a couch for 5 hours, drank beer and watched youtube? Hmm I guess I can feel less bad about going out during the week when I stay in on the weekend. Besides, it is SO nice to wake up Sunday morning without rushing to check my account balance and lamenting about the late night burger I really didn’t need and the cigarette I was stupid enough to smoke. Sunday was a lazy day and I sat on the couch with the boyfriend and the boys watching ALIVE which as I’m sure you know is about the plane crash in the Andes where the survivors were forced to eat the deceased to stay alive. Of course being the 20 some immature adults that we are, we spent most of the time making jokes about how someone’s butt would actually taste, and whether or not any of these people could attend a barbecue ever again. I actually don’t think I’d have a problem eating human flesh is forced with starvation. Hopefully I never have to make this decision (although I’d probably be the first to die if I ever had to survive in those cold temperatures- anything below 70 degrees and I have goose-bumps) but hey just a heads up- permission to naw on my flesh if ya need to!

After blobbing on the couch for hours watching movies, I made it back to my apartment where I stayed in by myself watching the Golden Globes (actually just the red carpet)with a glass of wine- I know I know, I just finished the last post saying how I really never do this nor do I enjoy it unless in the company of others, however my best friends and I were incessantly texting back and forth our thoughts on all the red carpet styles so it really felt like they were sitting right next to me  - and pancakes for dinner. I really wasn’t looking forward to Monday because I had an appointment with my therapist that I had been dreading all weekend. I’m not shy about seeing a therapist (I am a Psych major after all) because I think its completely normal to talk to someone regardless of why you’re there. I actually started seeing one in college and although I still sort of hate going sometimes, its meetings like the one I had Monday that keep me in perspective and make me feel so encouraged and happy and just grateful. During my meeting my therapist said something that really stuck with me all week and I think I’m going to make it my mantra for 2011: People are generally just about as happy as they make up their minds to be. I’m not sure that my Psychology professors would agree, and maybe this is some psychological mind trick that if I believe I’m happy than I will be! But hey, that’s been proven in studies any way so I guess its true! Regardless, it really made me think… we all have so much to be grateful for and so many things to be happy about that I think as soon as something negative happens, the best way to keep happy is to think happy. For instance… my identity was stolen on Tuesday! Well- not really. But someone did hack into my paypal account and purchase a $900 iPad. Whats hilarious actually is that since my paypal account is linked to my savings account (a mistake I forgot to fix and thank God), there wasn’t enough money in it to cover the charge! Ha! This may be the first time I am ever grateful for being broke. I notified the bank and they waived the insufficient funds fee, paypal notified the seller, and I changed all my passwords. All is fixed. Hoorah for poverty! The rest of the week was enjoyed with a quiet Wednesday sitting on the couch with a dear friend sipping champagne and catching up… Thursday I celebrated Restaurant Week with an INCREDIBLE dinner at The Occidental with my best friends…

and this evening I am staying in with the boy and making homemade pizza, a good bottle of red wine, and an early bed time. And now something to stick with you for the weekend 

when upon life's billows you are tempest tossed,
when you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
count your many blessings, name them one by one,
and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Happpiness means...
1. Tory Burch flats: I have been dying for a pair for literally years. I got 3 gift cards there for my birthday but haven't been able to use them (I will spare you the long story) so imagine my surprise when I opened a package from my mom and HERE is what she sent me

2. Ice - I could eat ice all day. This is wierd but true. I like my beverages as cold as cold can be
3. Will Ferrell - I watched Stepbrothers in bed last night and could not stop laughing. I was by myself mind you, so anything that makes you laugh out loud even when you're alone is good. Did I mention ELF is my favorite movie of all time?
4. Bank of America - So I called and said hey, that $900 charge was not me. THey took care of it without too many questions. Was that really that easy?
5. My darling dad - He called to let me know I had to pay a ticket for running a red light... and spared me the talk about slowing down and how this is going to affect my insurance. What a guy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

No money is no funny

After Tuesday nights escapades and my moral hangover Wednesday (notice my last post from Wednesday was just posted this morning? I think I was too hungover to realize I saved it in drafts- whoopsies!), I decided to take the rest of the week off. No, not from work but from everything else. I turned down happy hour Thursday night, and instead went right home, had a good workout of weight lifting (something new im trying to build muscle, although it is MUCH harder than I thought), and took a really long bath. I haven't had a bath in years, and really I don't like them very much. I can't stop thinking about all the germs I'm just sitting in, and I end up getting too hot. So once again, unlike the Hollywood stereotype that all women like to unwind with wine in a tub and surround themselves with candles, I prefer a shower. Now if only I could somehow figure out a way to get the wine in there too...

Happiness is...
1. The tv remote - without which I would not be able to waste two hours without moving on the couch to watch Law and Order
2. Online banking - because when you need to transfer money ASAP you don't even have to leave home!
3. Slatkin candles from Bath and Body Works - If you've never experience this, but the Winter candle and leave it burning in your room for an hour. I do this in the morning while I shower and get ready for the day so when I open my bedroom door it smells AMAZING.
4. Salt - may or may not have just inhaled a bag of popcorn. Sometimes I think even grass would taste fine with a pound of salt.
5. Snow Days - Even though I'm not in school anymore, I still feel a pang of excitement when I watch the news ticker at the bottom announce school closings. I just imagine all the kids with their fingers crossed and faces to the tv in their pajamas waiting for an excuse to stay home and play. Although now I guess they probably go online. I think it was more fun waiting to hear it on the radio :)

Goal: Remind everyone how much I love them. Simple as that.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just another Tuesday...

I am late posting this blog because I was a rather busy bee Tuesday! I came into work with a lot of catching up to do, so alas, I had little time to scour ebay and read the latest celebrity gossip (huge bummer). I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my work load, so by the time 5:00 approached, I was ready to kick my feet up at home and have some wine on the couch. I had a moment of clarity and remembered that although Hollywood makes it look fun to be a young woman at home, alone, downing glasses of Shiraz on the couch (ahem Cameron Diaz in The Holiday and Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones), it is almost never fun, and I was not suffering from a break up or feeling sorry for myself. In fact, I had an incredible weekend with friends and I wanted to keep the feeling going! I spur-of-the moment asked my best friend to meet me for drinks later downtown, and thus the instant she agreed, began a night I sure as hell will never forget...(fade lights and cue the thunderclap)

We went for happy hour (which of course in the city almost never happens between 5 and 7) at a small restaurant called Bodega which was beautiful. Velvets, calfskins, rich luscious prints everywhere... a really sexy bar. We ordered just one drink and decided to stay for a dinner of tapas, which just like the decor were rich and amazing. It was so nice catching up and discussing all that had been going on over the past couple weeks. Sometimes I think that you get closer with some friends as you get older because since you see them less, the time you do spend together is more valuable. Anyway, we had our fair share of wine before we decided to go to a piano bar down the street. Much to our dispapointment, the usual singer was not at the piano, but a 20s something guy hating his life and singing tunes like someone was forcing him (or he could have just been very annoyed by three Asians requesting Lady Gaga and literally spewing beer on the piano top). Needless to say, after the spewing incident we decided we better make the $20 credit card minimum fast with a few shots and head out. THUS began our adventure...

We wanted to go dancing. This can be a difficult mission on a Tuesday night simply because... its a Tuesday. I remembered going to this bar called LIMA a couple months ago for a private business event. It was uber-trendy and really modern, and I remembered after the event wrapped up around 8, they were prepping the place for that night as it turned into a club. I expected it to be pretty obnoxious and play house music and probably flash strobe lights in my face (all amazing), but I didn't expect it to be college tuesday night. That was pretty evident when I saw a line going around the corner of girls in skin tight sleeveless dresses and no coats in 30 degree weather. Drunk and excited to dance, we paid the ridiculous cover charge (then again what wasn't ridiculous about this evening?) and walked straight into a Chris Brown video. Strobe lights, bodies sweating, you get the idea... Well this is turning into a novel, but I actually had the BEST time. We literally just danced liked idiots for hours until we got late night munchies and ended up in my apartment eating pizza and pizza fries (as if the pizza wouldn't be enough pizza) and watching Oprah. Ahh, a perfect Tuesday. NOW back to my 4th cup of coffee.

Happiness means...
1. Delivery service at 2AM
2. Oprah Winfrey... is on at 2AM
3. Advil
4. An expensive glass of wine; because even though the $8 glass tastes just fine, sometimes you deserve the $12.
5. Best friends. duh.

My goal for tomorrow is not to spend ANY money. I spent it all last night anyway.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I've been reading and following other people's blogs for months now, and thought it might be nice to start my own. I think one of the coolest things about blogs is that literally everything has a blog. When I feel like reading about someone's recent travels across the country, there is a blog I visit for that. When I'm trying to feel inspired in the kitchen, I know exactly who has the best recipe collection. When I simply want to look at pretty vintage dresses, there's one for that too. However, I think the greatest thing is being able to see a little bit of how everyone else lives. Its easy to get caught up in our own lives... complaining about the traffic on the way to work, our low bank accounts, our miserable jobs... But its humbling to read into other people's lives who complain about the nausea they get from cancer treatment, or their struggle to overcome alcoholism, or the anxiety they get over a lost job. Its east to forget that we are all teeny tiny pieces of an inconcievably HUGE population. How incredible is it that every day, millions and millions of people are having bad days and good days, and how alike and different we all can be? I'm sure there are hundreds of people who also order tall skim cappucinos with 2 Splenda and a shot of sugar free hazlenut in their coffee, wear size 8 shoes, share an infatuation with Rhianna and hate dolphins (sorry, they remind me of cheap pastel 1990s prints in a Florida hotel). I don't promise that I'll write in this blog every day. In fact, I very well might abandon this project after this single post, but I'm going to use this site to share what makes me happy and simply ramble on about whatever I feel like. Because even though everything has a blog, I want my blog to be a little of everything....

Ooh - I almost forgot! Every post I'm going to write down five things I am grateful for that day, and one goal for tomorrow. I believe optimism is the best medicine- laughter is a bonus :)

Happiness Means...
1. My New Shower Head - My boyfriend kept complaining how terrible my shower head was at my apartment, but I guess I was just used to it. Finally, I thought to ask if maintance could simply replace it. Well they did, and it is AMAZING. What a difference to starting the day!
2. My car - I've never had an accident before 2010, and let me tell you, my car has gotten into a number of fender benders, received enough tickets and faced enough snow and outfoor damaget that it is a blessing I still have it. I vow to take better care of it this year.
3. Bananas - I start almost every morning with a banana. I used to only like them practically green, but I have started the habit of preferring to eat them all spotty and brown like my Grandma would eat them. I swear it is almost like dessert.
4. Baltimore Ravens tickets - I went to the game yesterday and had a great time. Its such a treat that I'm able to go as a gift from my boyfriend's family. AND they won!
5. Hunter Boots fleece liners- ok, so I am almost ALWAYS cold, and nothing makes me more miserable than cold fingers and toes. My boyfriend got me these for Christmas and it may actually be my favorite gift. Hoorah for warmth!

Unfathomable Understanding

His understanding is unfathomable. How awesome is that?
Isaiah 40:28-31

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.